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Tabula release notes

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Tabula 2019.8.1 released

We released Tabula 2019.8.1 on Thursday 1 August 2019. This release features:

  • Accessibility improvements, including:
    • Help text and modals are available when you hover your mouse over or select an item. These are now also accessible using just the <Tab> and <Space> keys on a keyboard.
    • In the activity stream, the order in which items are selected when you move between them using the <Tab> key is now more intuitive.
    • Attendance notes are now easier to add using only a keyboard because the Absence type dropdown is automatically selected.
  • Other improvements, including:
    • We have added a checkbox to enable you to select / deselect all when you manually add students to a small group using a SITS query.
    • Markers can review their marking using the 'Review' button for each assignment on their Coursework Management homepage. This button is now available regardless of the marking workflow stage.
    • It's no longer possible for a student's university ID to be 'active' in Tabula when removed from central university systems before its inactivation date. For example, a student will no longer remain on a monitoring scheme for a department after transferring to a different department.
  • Security enhancements
  • Bug fixes, including:
    • Feedback audit pages for students on assignments with no workflow now display the current feedback, whether published or not.
  • Further work on the upcoming Mitigating Circumstances functionality.

Technical notes


  • [TAB-7412] - Tooltip on disabled checkboxes not shown in Safari
  • [TAB-7419] - Feedback audit pages are empty for students on assignments with no workflow
  • [TAB-7452] - org.hibernate.QueryException: could not resolve property: source of:
  • [TAB-7454] - Attendance note absence type select is not autofocused
  • [TAB-7456] - do not have modal on modal
  • [TAB-7468] - Sandbox importer shouldn't be trying to fetch active members
  • [TAB-7469] - Remove "Extenuating circumstances" from profiles
  • [TAB-7477] - send UAM would explode with java.sql.BatchUpdateException
  • [TAB-7480] - FreeMarker Exception(Activity page)

Implement Code

  • [TAB-7384] - Include route in CSRF reports
  • [TAB-7393] - Make report/enforce violation behaviour configurable


  • [TAB-7464] - Include CSRF token: profiles/department/{deptCode}/tutor/reallocate/{studentId}

Dev Sub-tasks

  • [TAB-7458] - Copy Assignments being caught by CSRF enforcer
  • [TAB-7459] - CourseworkAssignmentMembershipTest failure/Missing csrf token


  • [TAB-7179] - Provide a 'Review' button for markers for assignments in the 'Upcoming' category
  • [TAB-7196] - Investigate why profile importer doesn't import students that aren't in 'uow_current_accounts'
  • [TAB-7363] - Ensure it's possible to tab onto all modal, tooltip and popover triggers
  • [TAB-7447] - Add Select All checkbox to small group membership SITS query page
  • [TAB-7450] - Close (x) links are tabbed before the activity

Mitigating Circumstances

  • [TAB-7467] - Add some details about a submission to the outcomes screens
  • [TAB-7470] - Add an unread indicator to mitcircs submissions listed in a student profile
  • [TAB-7471] - "clear fields" button on mitcircs dept homepage remains disabled if just date filters are added
Wed 14 Aug 2019, 11:45