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Motivating Students Beyond the Classroom

Students who actively prepare outside of the classroom before coming to class are generally more motivated, better informed, and more confident with respect of engaging in productive discussion. Nevertheless, many students arrive in class under-prepared.

This workshop will consider definitions of motivation and persistence in learning. It will provide an opportunity to consider and evaluate strategies and approaches which seek to stimulate students beyond the classroom including ways in which technology can be used effectively to ensure that persistence in learning remains high.


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Workshop Facilitated by

Sara Hattersley, Learning and Development Centre

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Alignment with UKPSF

A1: Design and plan learning activities

A2: Teach and/or support learning

A4:Develop effective learning environments & approaches to student support & guidance

Core Knowledge
K3: How students learn

K4: The use an value of appropriate learning technologies

Professional Values

V2: Promote participation in higher education and equality of opportunity for learners

More info: UK Professional Standards Framework