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Big Band


We are the University of Warwick’s Big Band. We are not an auditioned band, just a group of people who love making music together and having fun whilst we do it!

Our band consists of saxophones, brass and rhythm and we enjoy playing lots of different types of music including jazz, swing, blues and funk. Although unauditioned, we are all committed and work hard in our rehearsals to make our music sound excellent to portray our professionalism and charisma.


The band plays at a variety of different venues and occasions, both big and small, such as gigs at the local pub, university society balls, international jazz festivals and at the National Concert Band Festival. Our performances often have people singing along to favourite classics and tapping their feet throughout.


NCBF which we have previously won platinum awards at, Jazz festivals.


7.30pm - 10pm Thursday evenings during term time in the Ensemble Room, Warwick Arts Centre


Unauditioned and open to all percussion, wind, keys, brass, rhythm (singers are auditioned each year). Membership can be bought through the Student Union, Big Band are a member of Warwick SU.



exec at thebigband dot co dot uk