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Piano Society



Warwick Piano Society provides pianists with the opportunity to build upon their talent and interest.


Classical, Conetmporary, Jazz.


As convenient to members.


The Society holds termly society piano concerts which are open to the public and at which members perform pieces of their choice (from classical to contemporary to jazz) in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Members receive free entrance to all of these concerts.

Workshops & Trips

The Society also organises free workshops for members at which the Senior Piano Tutor demonstrates various piano playing techniques (e.g. arpeggios, scales, pedalling, fingering) and also discusses broader topics such as how to control your stage fright, choose appropriate repertoire, or effectively practise individually. Members are encouraged to suggest topics for discussion at these workshops to ensure they are as relevant as possible to the needs of the Society’s members.

The society runs a mentor scheme where more experienced players meet with members on a one-to-one or group basis to help them with the piano studies.

The society also organise trips to attend major piano recitals or piano events in and around the local area and futher afield. The Society also organises regular socials!

If you would like to develop your piano skills, network with people who share your interests or just enjoy the sound of the piano, this society is definitely for you!



warwickpiano at gmail dot com