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Our Team

Welcome to the RCT!

Hi, I am Joanna and I am one of the Residential Community Assistants working as part of the Residential Community Team at Warwick.

The RCA’s are the students wearing the embarrassing light pink jumpers and polos around campus in the evenings, providing support to those living in halls!

We have been in your shoes and remember how daunting it is to move onto campus. We are here to support you in your transition to university and throughout the year by offering peer support, events, and signposting to services.

We run events like movie nights, mug painting, and dodgeball tournaments but welcome any thoughts by students on future events.

We don’t just run fun events – we also provide support and assist in other everyday life problems and queries. If you have a flatmate conflict? We are here to support and hold meetings. If you are anxious? We will chat over a warm cup of tea and signpost to services. If you are ill or suffering from a mental health crisis? We will sit with you until you receive the help you need. Maintenance problem in the middle of the night? We will be there to ensure it’s reported and help move you to emergency rooms if needed. Locked out? We will tell you which services are open to collect a new key.

We are here 24/7 to assist with any queries, and if we can’t help we will refer to someone who can to ensure you are supported during your stay on campus.

Meet some of our Rootes Team: Tom, Bobbi, Nneka, and Arrun (left to right)

A bit more about me...

I am a 3rd year medical student and I have been working as a Residential Community Assistant for two years now and thoroughly enjoy helping the Residential Community Team to deliver support to the students on campus. In particular, I enjoy providing bespoke support to students with our wellbeing visits and having the on-call phone.

I work 12 hours a week split across three evening shifts and manage to find a good work-life and university balance whilst living on campus in Rootes.

I usually work in Bluebell which means you can usually find me in the Bluebell Residence Hub or running an activity in the Bluebell social space.

There are 91 other RCAs in the team who work across the rest of the residential hubs, and the Residential Community Coordinators are accessible throughout the day in the Residential Community Team Hub in Red Square.

(LEFT) RCA holding our Unitemps awardLink opens in a new window for Team of the Year 2024

How to find us!

You can find us in your Residence Hub every evening from 5:30pm – 10:30pm so drop by any time!

You can also find our Residential Community Coordinators in The Residential Community Team Hub Monday - Friday 9.00 am to 11.00 pm and Saturday - Sunday 12:00 pm to 11.00 pm (excluding public holidays). This hub is located in Red Square, Rootes on the main campus (behind the Students' Union building). The office is a bungalow with a small front garden, white picket gates, and pink signage.

If you would like to make contact with us online instead, you can complete our online form here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Did you know we now have Instagram?!

Check out our Instagram account for all the latest updates on our events and support we offer! We are still new to Instagram so feel free to tag us @RCT_warwickuni when you attend our events to spread the word.

To follow us please use this link: @rct_warwickuni

Check out how we look after our own mental health!


“I go for morning walks by the lake behind Jack Martin. I also enjoy home cooked pasta and a movie night at the end of a tiring week.”


“I take a break when I feel burnt out by either going on a walk or doing an activity that is unrelated to the task I was doing.”


“I lean on my friends and family and let them lean on me - nothing better than to love and be loved and know it too.”


“I maintain my mental health by taking a short nap. I also go out for a walk and take a break from the work.”


“I split my work into small chunks and always ask for help from my friends and family. I take random breaks to relax and get ready for a new task.”


“I engage in relaxing activities like swimming which helps me relax both my body and mind. I also like writing down things that I am grateful for.”

Join our team!

We recruit for new RCAs every year! If you would like to work in the RCT, please apply for one of our Residential Community Assistant roles.