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Social Space Booking Form

Booking Guideline:

  1. Spaces are bookable from 10:00 to 22:30, Rooms are not available before 10:00 and must be vacated by 22:30.
    The maximum booking period and the maximum daily usage are both 6 hours.
  2. Only students who live in those residences are eligible to make bookings. For example, only Cryfield residents can book Cryfield Village Hall.
  3. All booking requests should be submitted at least 2 working days prior to the event by the event organiser. Room bookings are only confirmed once the event organiser has received email confirmation from the Residential Community Team - without email confirmation, a booking is not confirmed. Late submissions may not be processed. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept bookings more than 2 weeks in advance.
  4. Please fill in all information in the booking request form. Unclear booking information will lead to delay or rejection.
  5. We are unable to approve events out of these spaces nor within student flats.
  6. As the event organiser, you are responsible for hosting the event and adhering to University rules and regulations. The room must be left clean and tidy, no smoking nor vaping is permitted, and any associated costs for damage or cleaning will automatically be sent to you. You must be available throughout the event to be contacted if necessary.

Reference: Rules ( opens in a new window and Regulations ( opens in a new window

Prior to making your booking, please choose the desired room.

When submitting a booking request, please tell us:
(1) Reason of Booking;
(2) Number of Student expected to attend;
(3) Your contact number; and,
(4) Your residence and room number.
Thank you.
You will need to sign in to make bookings.

Tip: You can use the up, down, left and right arrow keys to navigate the bookings table more easily.