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About WSS

Warwick Scientific Services (WSS) is a centre of excellence based at University of Warwick, delivering cutting-edge world class scientific services, technical measurement solutions, innovative translational research, and knowledge and training services to businesses that could benefit from expertise and instrumentation in these areas:

  • Energy Efficiency sector
  • Life Sciences sector (Biotechnology and Biomedical)
  • Materials sector
  • High Performance Computing
  • Mechanical sector (in partnership with Warwick Manufacturing Group).

We provide our business and academic clients access to the University of Warwick's wide scientific resources, enabling them to utilise a vast network of available instrumentation, together with our team of highly skilled consultants with over several years of professional analytical science experience in problem solving, project management and method development.

Giving businesses and academia access to the latest thinking, knowledge and analysis equipment in the field, Warwick Scientific Services can help to increase your business advantage while also encouraging engagement and collaborations between business and academics and aims to foster sound creative relationships that can inspire further knowledge exchange and innovations.

Latest WSS News:


Warwick Scientific Services joins RAPRA Prefered Provider Network:

RAPRA is extremely pleased that Warwick Scientific Services (WSS) has joined the group of elite establishments forming the RAPRA Preferred Provider Network. Based on the needs and experience of its members, RAPRA created and administers this network to offer an unrivalled range of technical capabilities in support of Research & Development.

Steve Shaw, RAPRA Executive Director explained, “Our current support model has been designed to be fit for purpose in a world where there is a huge amount choice, yet due to commercial pressures, less time to make decisions that can often be critical. Being independent and impartial, we are proud to have WSS offering the latest range of advanced measurement technologies on board, to reduce risk and make any important investment as cost effective as possible for companies engaged in R&D”.

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