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Online Booking System

For new accounts, please contact

The following techniques are available using the online booking system. More will be added shortly.

Click the technique-name in the table to begin the booking process and go to the online system. New accounts will be auto-generated with log-in details emailed to you.

Click on the thumbnail image to the right of each technique will provide the full description of the technique.

The users guide takes you through the step by step process.

If you already have an account, please log-in to your account to continue.

Warwick Scientific Services commissions work on these Terms and Conditions (Word Document).

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Benefits of using our online sytem

Our dedicated online booking system creates your own bespoke service package with:

  • Easy commission process compatible with commercial time scales
  • Full experimental requirements capture
  • Secure online account service
  • Confidential cloud-based results depository
  • Rapid automated contracting
  • Indicated Turn-around time
  • Automated requirements-specific pricing
  • Secure online credit-card payment service or conventional invoice request
  • A fully confidential process
  • NDA and MTA as part of terms and conditions
  • Client granted full ownership of agreed work-programme results ("title")
  • Automatic progress email generation to track your investigation




Circular Dichroism cd_equipment_i.jpg Linear Dichroism LD equipment

Optical Microscopyoptical_equipment.jpg

Solid State Nuclear Solid State NMR
Magnetic Resonance
Transmision Electron TEM equipment Cryo-TEM cryotem
Scanning Electron sem_equipment.jpg

fib_equipment.jpgFocused Ion Beam Lithography (FIB)

X-ray Photoelectron xps
Spectroscopy (XPS)
Gel-Permeation gpc.jpg
Chromatography (GPC)
Electronic Noses Smith Detection Cyrano Electronic Nose

Proteomics and Biological

Chromatography (GPC)

psd.jpgParticle Size Determination (PSD) DLSDynamic Light Scattering and Fluorescence (DLS)

Solar Cell Testing (SUSI)Warwick Solar Cell Simulator

TGAThermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) Gas Adsorption (BET) BET
RamanRaman Microscopy