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Room Access Issues and Booking Disputes

Issues with accessing Centrally Timetabled Rooms

Should you experience problems with accessing Centrally Timetabled Rooms during normal working hours, please contact the porters.

Portering Services - Mon-Thurs 8am-4pm, Friday 8am-3pm (Post and Portering Supervisor David Smith tel 07876 218 004)

Community Safety Services - Outside normal working hours please contact Community Safety.

Conferences - If you have booked a room through conferences please contact them in the first instance regarding room access issues

FAB rooms - If you find your card isn't working to access a room you have booked please re-scan it at one of the main entrances, occasionally the cards reset, doing this usually fixes the issue.

Dispute over who is booked into a room

If you arrive at a room that you believe you have booked finding it already in use and can't get through to a member of the Timetabling Team, you can use the online timetables to confirm who actually has the room booked (or where available check the booking screen outside the room). Using the link on the Central Timetabling homepage 'Timetable Reports' and after signing in (using your IT log in), select Location from the list of report types. Select the room in question from the drop down list, scroll down the list of weeks until you find the relevant date, amend the 'Select time' option to be 09.00 - 22.00 and view timetable. This will then give you a timetable for the room and week in question, giving details of the bookings for that period.

Card Access Issues

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