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Heidi Plus

HESA are replacing their existing HEIDI service with Heidi Plus , the new business intelligence service for the UK Higher Education sector which aims to bring the benefits of better business intelligence to UK Higher Education.

The full range of data on the UK HE sector that is available through HEIDI will be available through Heidi Plus, although it will be accessible through an updated interface based on Tableau that provides a much broader range of data visualisation and analytical capabilities. Both HEIDI and Heidi Plus are currently running, and being updated, in parallel but HESA intend to suspend the HEIDI service from November 2016.

Unlike HEIDI, Heidi Plus will have three levels of access (Gold, Silver and Bronze) which allow differing access to data and tools within the system. The differences are outlined in more detail here. For the first time, Heidi Plus contains unrounded data on staff and students but this will only be available for Gold level users and will be subject to strict controls in line with the usage of personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998. Hence anyone requesting Gold access will be required to undergo data protection training (provided internally but based on HESA training materials) before they are granted access.

Existing HEIDI users will be migrated to Heidi Plus as Silver users, but any saved reports will be lost and will need to be manually re-created in the new system for future use. Please complete the usage survey, which will help us to capture requirements for future access, training and analysis.