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Working Securely: next steps update for 2021

Welcome back. With new government guidance now in place, this hasn't been the start to Term 2 we expected or wanted, so everyone is having to cope with some inevitable reorganisation - both professional and private - demanded by the new lockdown. Given the pressures at play, we will be taking a very measured approach to current work flows and providing support through every phase.

Here's an update on essentials:

  • Device Security

Thank you to everyone for working through the first phase of the Device Security project.

If you have been granted an exception, your device requirements have been logged and we will work through solutions with you over the coming weeks. This change has only affected Microsoft Windows users now; Mac computers will be next and we will provide further advice and information in due course, in advance of this next planned phase.

  • USB controls

As outlined in our last USB post, from 18 January 2021, we will begin phasing in the USB data storage device controls across managed devices. We will start with Windows managed devices in selected departments and communicate plans for other areas and platforms as we make progress, to ensure everyone is supported through this planned change.

  • SIM Training

Thank you to everyone who has completed their online SIM Training - we have now achieved an average 75% completion rate across the University. If you still have modules to complete, please follow this link.

On the reporting side, following a successful pilot, our new SIM Training Essentials app will go live today. It extracts data directly from Moodle to provide an automatic email reminder to staff of any SIM training courses that need to be completed or refreshed within the next 30 days. You will be able to access your own training record by opening the app on this link: Training Essentials (

  • Our new data breach reporting form

We have a new web form for reporting all personal data incidents or breaches. It is available here together with more information about data breach procedures at Warwick.

Staff should report any incident or breach as soon as possible - ideally as soon as they become aware - using this form directly (not the DPO resource account or email address). Use this form first: do not refer incidents or breaches to managers or any other colleague before reporting. Remember, if in any doubt, report it anyway. It’s much better to report than not, and there is no blame or shame! We need to know so that we can solve problems and continue to improve our security.

  • New IDG appointment: Russ Barnes, Director of Enterprise IT Infrastructure

We are delighted to welcome Russ Barnes to the IDG team as Director of Enterprise IT Infrastructure. It's a demanding process to join a new organisation during current times, especially one of the size and complexity of Warwick, so please extend a warm and supportive welcome to Russ as he gets to grips with this important new role. You can read Russ's personal introduction here.

As always, for help and support contact the Helpdesk:

  • Self-Service Online - make requests and report incidents through our web-based tool ServiceNow
  • Call on 024 765 73737. We're open 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).
  • Email at
  • Please be aware our Helpdesk team has been impacted by Covid-related illnesses and this may affect response capacity.

Security & Information Management is Everyone's Responsibility

Help and support

If you think you detect any unusual online activity, please report it immediately.

 Self-Service Online - make requests and report incidents through our web-based tool ServiceNow
Call us on 024 765 73737. We're open 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).
Email us at
Who needs to know this?

This information concerns us all. If you use a Warwick staff card, a Warwick email address, access one of our staff or student record systems or share your Warwick work with colleagues within or beyond the University, you are involved in activities that must be kept secure.

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