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I want to register more than 200 pupils from my school

That's amazing! sadly to expand the form much beyond 200 isn't possible at the moment. BUT you can submit the form multiple times, the only thing is you need to use a unique email address each time. So either use a colleagues or you can use a Gmail account using a + or . symbol after your user name to have a set of unique email addresses that all point to the same inbox (i.e. = =

Any problems with this please email

Do all the pupils I register have to take the test at the same time/on the same day?

Ideally, yes. But, no! In a perfect world everyone would do it at the same time. But, we understand you have to make it work around your timetables and the availability of computers. Just do your best.

The bottom line is that we know you run GCSE and A-level exams every year and so we trust you 100% to make it work fairly in your school. The time stamps from the software we use shows groups of students completing the challenge for the correct amount of time, in groups very clearly, if people were cheating we'd know. We know that they don't because of you.

We trust you, the teacher, to make sure that this works. You are helping us to provide a positive experience for students everywhere and we can't do it without you. In an ideal world, all of your students could do the challenge at the same time but we understand that this is not always possible. So, you can do that but please let us know when the groups are doing the challenge. The software will record the timing of your students' attempts and as long as you have told us your plans we can make sure that the marks are not dismissed as cheating.

If you want to do this, just drop Nick an email:

Please make sure that your students only have one chance to see the challenge and that is the lesson in which they do the test.

What if I'm not sure how many pupils that will enter the challenge?

That's absolutely fine, just register for a number you think might be the maximum and we will generate codes for all those pupils...BUT if you never use the codes we won't record scores for them and we can then remove from your record in our system before we send you the results. If you need to add additional pupils after you've registered just contact and we'll create the codes for you and send you a new confirmation email.

Can I register pupils who are not in Year 10?

We are receiving quite a few messages asking if year groups other than Year 10 can be entered.

Please do not do that! There are two reasons for this:

Firstly, it means that, for your students, they can compare how they did with their peers from all over the country, (and overseas!) which we hope is very meaningful and encouraging for them.

Secondly, by only working with year 10 students we can show clear, dramatic, precisely defined evidence to our friends in the HE sector that there are really brilliant people growing up in every kind of place and attending every kind of school in the UK.

I hope this sounds reasonable.