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Basketball league rules

1. Organisation

The League is organised and delivered by Warwick Sport in partnership with the University of Warwick Basketball Club. The League will be managed by the Warwick Sport Sports Engagement Officer. The Engagement Officer and the League Activator will have the final say on all matters of the league.

2. Squads

  1. The Squad may consist of between 7 to 20 players (maximum of twelve players per match).
  2. Squad sheets must be submitted by Captains 2 weeks into the League.
  3. At least four players must be present in order to play a match.
  4. Players who wish to play for more than one team must register with both teams and it is up to the player’s discretion who they play for should the two teams play together.
  5. A points system will operate to restrict the number of University of Warwick Basketball Club players on court at any one time. First team players regarded as 4 points and second team players as 3 points. A maximum of 7 points may be reached.

3. General Rule

  1. Matches will consist of 4 x 7 minute quarters in the Main Hall. This may vary slightly depending on the number of teams that take part. In general, the FIBA 2018 Official Basketball Rules apply, but the clock runs continuously (see 3b) and free throw and timeout rules are given below (see 3c-d).
  2. The clock is continuous. If there is a major stoppage (what defines this is down to the officials’ discretion), then the clock stops until play begins again. In the final 2 minutes of the game, if the difference between the two teams is 5 points or fewer, the clock should be stopped on every dead ball and score.
  3. Fouls in the act of a missed shooting attempt result in 1 point (2 for a three pointer and possession being reversed. If the shot is made, 3 points (4 for a three pointer) are awarded. After 5 team fouls in a half, every non-offensive foul results in 1 point and possession being reversed (this includes on the 5th foul also). Technical and unsportsmanlike fouls award 1 point and possession, regardless of whether the team have 5 fouls in a half or not.
  4. Each team may take a total of one timeout for the duration of each game.
  5. 3 points shall be awarded for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss.
  6. A team forfeits a game if they fail to turn up to play without adequate notice (see rule 3h). A team that misses more than one game will be penalised by docking 3 points per game.
  7. The game shall also be forfeited if the team breaks any of the rules in section 2 above.
  8. 96+ hours’ notice is required for cancellation or rearrangement of fixtures. If it is not possible for matches to be rearranged this will result in a draw. Cancellations after this deadline will automatically result in 20-0 win to the opponent.
  9. A point will be deducted from a team for each minute they are late. If a team turns up 10 minutes late they automatically lose the game 20-0 but can continue to play the game as a friendly.

4. Fixtures

  1. Fixtures for the term will be uploaded to Playwaze.
  2. If a team cannot make a fixture they must inform the organisers as soon as possible and at least 96 hours before the match. If teams pull out of fixtures without adequate notice then the match will be forfeited to the opposition (rules 3e and g apply) as a 20-0 win.
  3. The date, time and location of fixture can only be changed with the permission of the League organisers.
  4. Results will be entered by the league activator, not team captains.

5. League Position

League position shall be decided upon:

  1. Total League Points obtained
  2. Points difference
  3. Matches won
  4. Head to head record between the two teams tied.

6. Disputes

Disputes shall be put to the League organisers and resolved (in partnership with the Sports Engagement Office). Issues arising on the court shall be handled by the activator and should be reported to the League Organiser.

7. Results

The Basketball Activator is responsible for entering the match results on Playwaze. This should be done within 48 hours of the game taking place.

8. Conduct

Should a team, or players from a team, indulge in any actions that are deemed by the officials to be detrimental to the good spirit of the league, then the officials are entitled to take whatever action is deemed appropriate. This may include, but is not limited to, suspension of players, loss of points or exclusion from the competition. Such penalties are subject to the approval of the League Organisers, whose decision is final.

9. Refunds

  1. League refunds will only be issued if Warwick Sport are required to cancel the league for any reason such as another Lockdown occurring whereby it will be impossible to complete the league.
  2. Should Warwick Sport be required to cancel the league for any reason, a refund will be issued on a pro rata basis (amount allocated to each scheduled game) and NOT the initial fee paid upon entry into the league.
  3. Refunds will not be issued for teams failing to attend fixtures at any point during the time allocated for the league.
  4. Where possible and as long as enough notice (96+ hours) is provided to the league organiser and Warwick Sport will reschedule the fixture for a date and time during the same term. It is the team’s responsibility to turn up and attend the rescheduled game.
  5. Warwick Sport will not refund any teams who fail to turn up to rescheduled games.


If you have any questions on the league contact warwickactive at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Good luck and enjoy everyone.