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Our big goal - discover our strategy

Our active

The mission

To inspire and motivate our students, staff and wider community to engage in an active lifestyle that supports physical and mental wellbeing.

The vision

Our vision towards 2030 is to continue building the most active campus community in the UK, keeping our communities active.

The ambition

  • Promote the benefits of physical activity at every opportunity when engaging with students, staff and our local community.
  • Provide an inclusive, accessible offer that supports people to be active both within but also outside of our facilities.
  • Continue to improve student employability through volunteering that is supported and provides the chance for reflection on learning.
  • Strengthen the #TeamWarwick brand and increase engagement with Warwick alumni.
  • Improve the ease with which people can engage with us through the use of technology.
  • Deliver outstanding customer service and support to all who engage with us.
  • Deliver a range of programmes, services, and initiatives that empower our communities to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Be a key driver of the positive student and staff experience at Warwick.
  • Operate safe and secure facilities that are maintained to a high standard.
  • Establish and maintain a reputation as a market leader within the Higher Education sector and wider leisure industry.
  • Enhance the pathways for sporting talent and commit to help them fulfil their potential.

The strategy in full

Discover in detail how are we are planning to get everyone active, every day.

Download our strategy