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FA People's Cup

"BBC Get Inspired. A 5-a-side tournament for amateur players."

FA People's Cup

Regional semi-finals: Wednesday 21 March, 12 - 5pm

Cryfield 4G Astro Pitch

FREE - just turn up on the day, no ticket required.

Playing at St George's Park - a dream for many amateur footballers is turning into a reality as they participate in the 2018 FA People's Cup - the FA's biggest community sporting event. From Sunday league regulars harbouring dreams of glory to people who have never even set foot on a pitch, the People's Cup allows everyone to have a chance to join up with friends and enter football's biggest participation tournament.

What is the FA People's Cup?

It is a free five-a-side knockout competition that gives everyday folk like you and me the chance to play in their version of the FA cup. BBC Get Inspired, the Football Association and the country's leading small-pitch providers have joined forces to make it happen.

When is it hapenning?

The competition will take place over three rounds - round one (23-25 February), the regional semi-finals (21-25 March) and the grand finals weekend (28-29 April).

Why is it coming to campus?

This year the University of Warwick has been awared host status for the West Midlands. As well as hosting our own round of qualifiers on Wednesday 21 February, we'll see nine Universities set foot on Warwick turf on Wednesday 21 March 2018 as 18 teams, nine male and nine female, will be competing.

Congratulations to our qualifying teams: Engineering FC in the men's and Warwick Rockers FC in the women's rounds. Come along to show them your support in the regional semi-finals.