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Gym etiquette

Gym etiquette

For your safety and comfort, please observe the following when using the gym.

Membership card

Carry your membership card whenever using the gym. You will not be able to access the gym without your membership card.

First visit

On your first visit, we recommend you book a gym induction with one of our trained professionals.

Advising others

Giving advice on techniques or personal training should only be provided by our qualified gym staff. Please feel free to offer lots of encouragement though.

Bags and belongings

Always use the lockers provided. Bags left on the gym floor are a trip hazard and are prone to theft.

Dress code

Suitable clothing should be worn at all times such as sportswear and appropriate footwear. Jeans, ripped clothing and sandals, flip flops, plimsolls or bare feet are not permitted.

Food and drink

For health and improved performance always bring a non -glass water bottle to your workouts and take regular sips. Food is not allowed in the gym.

Keep the gym clean

Please use the cleaning materials provided to wipe down equipment before and after use to keep the gym clean and hygienic. Also, please use the bins provided for rubbish and paper towels.

Put gym equipment away

Free weights, bars, dumbbells and clips should be put away after use. Items left loaded on bars, racks or floors are a hazard to other users.

Respect the gym weights

Please handle weights with care and consideration. Dropping weights intimidates others and is dangerous. Care should always be taken when setting up, using and putting away weights. If you can pick it up you can place it down.

Using and sharing equipment

Be considerate to others; offer and ask to share equipment where possible. This will help reduce waiting times and enjoy more productive sessions.


Be considerate to others by not taking photos or videos in the gym.

Need help?

Please report any cleanliness or equipment issues to a member of our friendly staff.

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