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Smashing Results for our Volleyball Teams

After hard fought qualifiers in Kettering earlier this year, both the men's and women's volleyball teams made it through to the Student Cup Finals. Student Cup is a yearly tournament where the best sixteen University teams in the country compete to see who will prove themselves worthy of the top spot.

Day 1:

The sixteen teams were split into pools of four where every team played all the other teams within their pool. It was a tough day with many close games but both men's and women's teams came out in the top half of their pools.

Day 2:

The second day consisted of harder games, as both teams were now facing off against the best teams in the country. It was an exciting day with lots of fantastic volleyball played, and both teams did superbly, the men finishing 5th and the women finishing 8th overall.

Some highlights included the women's huge victory over York University on the first day to secure top 8th, and the men initially losing to Loughborough in the pool but redeeming themselves by defeating them on the second day to place 5th overall.

This puts Warwick as one of only 4 teams to have both men's and women's teams finish top 8, an amazing achievement and a testament to the effort that the teams have made in training this year.

A huge thank you to our coach Alex Smith for being there, coaching both teams for the entire weekend. Also thank you to UEA for hosting and holding another fantastic tournament.

Article credit: Elijah Lewis, Club Treasurer.