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Stages and progression

Stages & progression

Swim England stages

Your child's swimming lessons will follow the Swim England Learn to Swim framework. The stage they start in will be dependant on completing all of the criteria for that stage.

If you child is developing at a faster rate, we will fast track them to a different stage.

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Movement and progression

As well as the Swim England stage criteria, swimmers will also need to meet the Warwick Sport group movement criteria. This allows us to really monitor your child's ability and transition them at the right time.

Stage movement usually takes place during assessment weeks, but swimmers can be moved at any time.

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Progression chart

A clear group structure and pathway helps to promote greater ease of progression.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3 & 4

Stage 5 & 6

Stage 7

Stage 8-10
Squad (invitation only)


The program structure follows a 10 week block. Each block covers all the competencies from the Swim England framework.

Assessments take place over weeks eight and nine, alternating between skill based and distance based. This is the main time for swimmers to earn awards.


To celebrate your child’s achievement after completing a skill or distance award, you can buy a badge and certificate. These are available for £5 at our reception desk.

See their progress

Keep track of how your child is progressing against the Swim England and Warwick Sport group movement criteria using the Swim Portal.

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Need help logging in? Contact the Swim team swim at warwick dot ac dot uk

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Stages 1-4

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Stages 5+

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