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Hardship Fund - The International Students' Childcare Fund

The International Students' Childcare Fund (ISCF)

ISCF is intended to provide discretionary financial help to enable International and EU students, with pre-school-age children in an approved childcare facility, to pursue a course of study.

  • Applications to ISCF are considered in light of each applicant’s financial circumstances.
  • Awards from ISCF are needs related and non-repayable.

ISCF Process

Below you will find a flowchart which outlines the basic process of ISCF.

Flowchart demonstrating the ISCF process

ISCF Application

Applications to ISCF are made via an online form. You will need to be logged into your University account whilst completing the form to be able to submit it.

The link to the application form can be found below:

You will be able to save the above application to return to at a later date, if required.

ISCF Appointment

Your ISCF appointment will be informal and will give you the opportunity to discuss your individual needs and circumstances in detail.

It may be necessary during the appointment to refer to your bank statements, credit history, and spending patterns (and if applicable, it may be necessary to refer to your partner's bank statements and evidence). The discussion may also explore opportunities for part-time work and other funding available. Any questions are not intended to be intrusive, but to allow your Student Funding Adviser to form a complete and comprehensive assessment of your financial situation and, if possible, to recommend a successful outcome to your application.

Please be assured that the Student Funding Adviser will consider your best interests at all stages of the application and assessment process. However, you should be aware that all of our Student Funding Advisers work within guidelines issued by the National Association of Student Money Advisers (NASMA) for the assessment of awards and distribution of funds.

During your appointment, it may become clear that further evidence will be required to complete your assessment. Your Student Funding Adviser will request this of you, should this be the case. You can submit this via email to

ISCF Assessment and Outcomes

After your appointment, your Student Funding Adviser will create a report and carry out an income and expenditure assessment based on your appointment and application form. This is then submitted to the Student Funding Manager for review and approval. The Student Funding Manager will also consider your best interests and works within NASMA guidelines for the assessment of awards and distribution of funds.

Providing we have received all your required documentation prior to your appointment, you will be notified of the outcome of your application via email within 10 working days