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Competition Rules

Take 24 Rules

  1. All content must be your own original work. Do not use any copyrighted material you do not have permission for.
  2. You must not include any content not created within the 24 hour competition period (6pm Friday 2 February - 6pm Saturday 3 February 2024).
  3. You must include the required items from the brief, as specified separately.
  4. All films must be received by the deadline of 6pm Saturday 3 February via our DropboxLink opens in a new window.
  5. Films must be smaller than 2GB in file size and no longer than 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
  6. There are ten prizes available. No cash alternative is available. All winning films will be screened on Sunday 4 February at the prizegiving ceremony. All films will be screened on the Big Screen in the Piazza and hosted on the Warwick website. The judges’ decision is final.
  7. All content submitted must be suitable for a ‘PG’ audience and for screening on the Piazza Big Screen on campus, which is visible to the general public of all ages passing through. You can find out more the about BBFC guidelines for ‘PG’ here, but broadly speaking this means: no sexual content, no violence and no swearing. Warwick Presents reserves the right not to screen any film if the content is deemed to be inappropriate, or to add content notes or warnings before screening or hosting online.

  8. All films must comply with the University’s Values, the IT Acceptable Use Policy and all other University regulations.
  9. All members of your team must be over 18 years of age.
  10. Only members of your team can appear in your film, and all team members must provide photo and video consent when signing up to the competition.
  11. You must ensure that your film does not contain any personal information. Find out more about GDPR here.
  12. You must ensure that you carry out your filming in a safe manner. Be aware of hazards around you e.g.: do not film in roads or car parks. You can download a template risk assessment for this competition.
  13. You must be considerate and aware of your environment whilst filming. Be mindful of others, and do not cause noise, distress or alarm.
  14. Do not film in any area where you do not have permission. This includes buildings on campus that you may be able to access. Unless you have permission from a building manager, you may not film there. The SCE Team are identifying buildings where you may be given permission to film, and more information will be shared at the briefing.
  15. Your work must not cause any damage or mess to public or private property.
  16. You must not cause fire or use pyrotechnics or fireworks whilst filming.
  17. You must ensure that the work you do in your film complies with all laws and regulations applicable to where you are carrying out your filming.