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Your Futures Roadshow

Your Futures Roadshow

Join us for a vibrant and dynamic week-long programme of activities from 15th - 19 July 2024, designed exclusively for outgoing PGT students, both Home and International. This exciting event is your opportunity to:

  • Celebrate Your Achievements: Reflect on and celebrate the completion of the taught elements of your course.
  • Connect with Your Community: Network and build lasting connections with your peers and recent graduates.
  • Share and Inspire: Share your success stories and help create valuable assets for future recruitment and support of incoming PGT students.
  • Engage with Alumni: Get an early start on engaging with the alumni team and explore the benefits of staying connected.
  • Prepare for Your Future: Receive practical support as you transition to the next phase of your life, including career planning, visa arrangements, and finding your housing after university.

This is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of your journey and a launchpad for your future. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect, learn, and grow as you prepare to take the next step in your career and life.

* Brought to you in partnership with Student Opportunity, Visa team, Unitemps, Enterprise, Sports, Sustainability, Residential Community, Library & Alumni.

Photography and Videography Competition

Showcase your unique perspectives and creative flair! Whether through captivating photos or dynamic videos, share the experiences and moments that define your journey at Warwick. We can't wait to see your entries.

Submit your photos for the event here.

Monday (15th July), 13:00-14:00, Preparing for the UK job market (non-graduate scheme jobs), Online Monday (15th July), 14:30-15:30, Unitemps - Getting UK work experience, Online Monday (15th July), 16:00-16:30, CV and Cover letter, Online  Tuesday (16th July), 12:00-13:00, Moving Out & Next Home, Online Tuesday (16th July), 14:00-14:30, Maximising your Warwick Award, Online Tuesday (16th July), 15:00-16:00, Study, work and your visa -Online Q&A session, Online Tuesday (16th July), 15:00-16:00, PG Tips, In-person, PG Hub (Junction building, floor 2)  Wednesday (17th July), 10:00-16:00, Student Networking / workshop Zone, In Person, Central area, SO Hub Wednesday (17th July), 10:00-12:30, CV checks and 1-2-1 sessions, In Person, SH0.08, SO Hub Wednesday (17th July), 13:00-14:00, Visa Q&A (2 ISAs), In person, SO Hub Wednesday (17th July), 14:00-14:30, Tackling rejections and imposter syndrome, In Person, SO0.06, SO Hub Wednesday (17th July), 13:30-15:30, Board games and Chat, In Person, FAB3.26 & 3.35 Wednesday (17th July), 15:30-16:00, How to ace interviews, In Person, SO0.06, SO Hub Wednesday (17th July),16:00- 16:40, How to ace interviews -2, In Person, SO0.06, SO Hub Wednesday (17th July) ,13:00-16:00, Meet with Alumni team, In Person, Warwick Art Centre Wednesday (17th July), 13:00-16:00, Got a business idea? Support we offer, In Person, SO Hub Wednesday (17th July), 17:30-19:00, Rock up and play – Badminton, In Person, Sports Hub  Thursday (18th July), 13:00-13:45, Every Job is a Climate Job, Online Thursday (18th July), 14:00-14:30, Adapting to Professional Work Cultures, Online Thursday (18th July), 15:30-16:30, Global Career Opportunities, Online Thursday (18th July), 17:30-19:30, Drinks Reception and Awards Ceremony, In person, FAB0.16 & 0.18  Friday (19th July), 13:30-15:00, Visa Q&A (2 staff members), In person, SO Hub Friday (19th July), 17:30-20:00, De-stress Craft, In person, SO Hub Friday (19th July), 17:30-19:00, Rock up and play – Badminton, In Person, Sports Hub

Download the Event timetable and booking links

Your Futures Roadshow events

Career Preparation

Mon, 15 Jul

13:00- 16:30


3 Events

Start the week with online sessions focused on UK job preparation, gaining work experience via Unitemps, and perfecting job application documents.

Practical Support

Tue, 16 Jul

12:00- 16:30

Online & On Campus

4 Events

Providing essential tips for moving out, finding housing after university, leveraging the Warwick Award, and understanding post-study visa options.

End the day with an in-person session to take a break, have some free snacks and connect with other postgrads.

In-Person Networking & Workshops

Wed, 17 Jul

10:00- 19:30

On Campus

10 Events

A full day dedicated to networking, workshops, and personalised support sessions. Activities include CV checks, interview tips, start your own business, visa Q&A, dealing with rejections, talk to alumni office etc. Enjoy desserts and board games, and badminton.

Global Opportunities & Alumni Tips

Thu, 18 Jul

13:00- 19:30

Online & On Campus

4 Events

Exploring global career opportunities, understanding professional work cultures, and integrating sustainability into careers.

End the day with an in-person Drinks Reception to share and inspire, and hear the experience from our panel of recent alumni.

Visa Advice and Relaxation

Fri, 18 Jul

13:00- 20:00

On Campus

3 Events

In-person sessions focused on visa-related questions, creative, relaxing activities to de-stress, and a badminton session to let out some steam for the weekend!

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