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Choosing your bank account

It is important that you pick the right account for your circumstances. The University does not recommend one bank or another to you. Instead, here are some important questions to consider, in order to help you make your decision:

Make a list of the below factors (and any others!) which are important to you.

Then compare the available accounts at local banksLink opens in a new window against your list, to see which will be the best fit for you.

  • Will it allow me to set up a direct debit; or recurring payments e.g. for subscriptions?
  • Can I use this account to make payments in shops or online?
  • Is there a cost of receiving money from; or paying money to an overseas bank account?
  • Are there any fees for opening the account? If there is a fee for opening the account, are there any extra benefits (e.g. interest rates; or lower fees for overseas payments?)
  • When can I open the account? If you are applying for a student bank account, you may (depending on the bank's requirements) need to wait until you have fully enrolled on your course at University before you can open the bank account. Similarly for a UK bank account, you may need to wait until you can show proof of a UK address before the account can be fully used.
  • Is there a minimum course length requirement? (some bank accounts require you to be on a course which will last at least 12 months in order to be eligible for the account)
  • Will I be able to have an overdraft? Will it be a credit or a debit account? (You may find the different banking terms hereLink opens in a new window to understand their definitions.)
  • What other benefits can I get with this bank account? Some banks offer additional benefits for opening an account with them. Carefully consider whether the additional benefits are useful for you and your circumstances.
  • How far away is the local branch? – consider how important this is for you, since many transactions can now be done via online or telephone banking.