Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest updates and information
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Parents and Supporters

We recognise that you will want to support your child, friend or family member as they start at Warwick. Why not start with the information from our Wellbeing Support Services? Here you can find out about the different services students have access to and discover answers to some frequently asked questions. Also, take a look at our Welcome FAQ page for additional information.

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Welcome Talk for Parents and Supporters

Vice Chancellor Prof. Stuart Croft is joined by Dr. Hannah Friend, Director of Wellbeing and Safeguarding and two of our student Welcome Helpers, Samantha Holden and Adam Khan-Qureshi to offer tips, advice and a warm welcome to parents, families and friends of new students joining our community this autumn.

Welcome Live Chats

We will be offering live chats for parents and supporters to ask questions about Welcome on the following dates. Please sign up below to the specific chat you are interested in:

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are FAQs from parents/supporters who have participated in our recent Live Chats.

Are parents allowed to accompany their son/daughter into halls of residence whilst they move in?

Only one parent will be allowed into accommodation blocks to help unload belongings. You will be allocated 30 minutes to unload. This timeframe may seem tight however this will help us keep to social distancing requirements. Other parents/supporters who have accompanied the student must remain in the car during this time.

I understand parking is restricted but can I drive up to the hall of residence on arrival in order to unload belongings?

Yes, you’ll be able to get as close as possible to the hall of residence whilst you unload. When you arrive, you’ll be directed where to go by our members of staff and arrivals helpers.

My son/daughter will be flying into the UK. What’s the best way to get from the airport to the University campus?

In order to make sure you are able to reach us safely and efficiently we are providing free of charge coach transfers at pre-defined times for students arriving at Birmingham (BHX) and London Heathrow (LHR) during the main University arrival period 23rd September to 27th September as well as other times when significant demand is identified.

If we arrive after the main arrivals period, will we still be able to help our son/daughter move into their room?

If you are arriving outside of Wednesday 23rd September to Sunday 27th September then unfortunately you will not be able to access your son/daughters residential hall. This is for the wellbeing of all who live there and support us to maintain social distancing requirements. You are more than welcome to come to campus and meet outside of the residential block. Our campus offers lots of green spaces to enjoy.

If, due to travel restrictions or exceptional circumstances, my son/daughter doesn’t arrive onto campus until the start of term two in January, can their accommodation be held for them?

To discuss what options are available to your son/daughter, you must contact Warwick Accommodation directly.

Will students have a disadvantage if they arrive on campus in January?

We are encouraging all students to join us on campus for the start of term if they possibly can. This is because we are committed to delivering a blended learning experience (a mixture of small group teaching sessions and online learning sessions). We are also running a digital-first Welcome Week programme, which will contain over a 1000 events that students can engage with digitally but also multiple small group in person events. If it is not possible for you to join us in September, the University will allow students to delay their physical arrival until 11th January 2021. For EEA students, we are advising that if they delay their entry into the UK until after 31st December 2020, they will become subject to immigration control, unless they have previously obtained pre-settled or settle status in the UK.

What is the mode of payment for accommodation? Can I set up a direct debit?

You can pay your accommodation fees in instalments. Direct debits can be set up. For further information about see our Student Finance web pages.

If my son/daughter has a credit card do they need to open a bank account?

Yes, we strongly advise that your son/daughter opens a UK bank account for financial transactions. Many UK bank accounts can be applied for online.

Would you recommend that students bring basic food stuffs with them when they arrive on campus?

You can bring the basics with you however we do have a grocery store on campus plus Tesco, Aldi and Iceland are a short 10-15 minute walk away on Cannon Park shopping centre. Cannon Park also has a range of other stores such as Boots chemist, Wilko’s, Sports Direct.

Do students have to bring their own kitchen items with them?

Yes students should bring their own smaller kitchen items with them such as pots, pans, cutlery etc. Kitchens are equipped with larger items such as toasters, microwaves, kettles etc. Students will be allocated their own cupboard/shelf space which they will be expected to manage and keep clean.

Is bed linen provided or should my son/daughter bring their own?

Your son/daughter is welcome to bring their own bed linen however it is provided. Students must clean their bed linen themselves. WashPoint washing machines and tumble dryers are available on campus.

How will students who show Coronavirus symptoms get tested whilst living at Warwick?

The University has launched a Test and Trace service on campus. This is only available to staff and students of the University.

How will the University help support those students who have to self-isolate including making sure they have food and essentials?

For those students living on University campus, the Senior Wardens within the Residential Life Team, working with the Test and Trace team, will be responsible for the University’s plan to support students who are required to self-isolate. Food can be delivered to halls of residence. For further information on self-isolation guidance and support see our web pages: and

Can students still collect parcels if they are self-isolating?

If a student is self-isolating they should arrange for parcels to be either delivered to the residential building door (they can collect the parcel if they wear a face covering) or delivered to the University post room. The post room will let the student know that a parcel has arrived, the student then notifies the University delivery service. This take a little longer for parcels to arrive.

Does my son/daughter have to register with a Health Centre whilst at University?

It is advisable that students register with the NHS Health Centre located on central campus. All students will be prompted to do this when they enrol via the enrolment dashboard.

I think it’s great that you have a Residential Life Team – what does your role involve?

The Residential Life Team are volunteer students and members of staff. We live alongside students to support them with the transition to University life and independent living. Your son/daughter will get to know who their Resident Tutor is and if they have any queries they can just ask. If we don’t know the answer directly – we will know someone who does.

Are there contact details available for the Residential Life Team and their wardens?

On arrival, all students in halls of residence will be notified of who their Resident Tutor is and how to contact them.

Will face to face teaching still go ahead or will everything be online only?

Teaching and Learning this year will be blended – we are offering a mix of face to face and online learning. Face to face teaching will primarily be done in small groups such as tutorials and seminars.

I am concerned that the University will have difficulty implementing social distancing upon students in their free time. How will you be able to maintain and monitor this?

Together with government guidelines, we too have our own requirements that are clear and accessible. We cannot and would not want to ‘police’ everyone. We will be relying on public responsibility and expect compliance. We do not exclude the possibility of taking disciplinary action in rare cases when an individual may wilfully and repeatedly breach these guidelines but we hope this is not necessary.

I am concerned that this will be a very isolating time for our very young adults. What is the University putting in place to support this?

It is true that the experience of coming to University will be different for everybody all over the world this year. However, we have worked hard to put together a very diverse and accessible Welcome programme. Events can be accessed on demand, offered via live stream and in some cases in person where possible. Student societies and clubs are heavily involved in this programme. For those who join us earlier than Welcome Week and who are required to self-isolate on arrival, specific events have been scheduled to help students connect with others. Every student will have a personal tutor within their academic department and a resident tutor in their halls of residence who they can access support. The Student Union are also running a buddy scheme which is proving very popular already.