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Parents and Supporters

Sending a student off to University is a big moment

Try not to let feelings of nostalgia and loss overshadow this. There are many changes ahead and here at the University we understand these and are here to support students transition into University life.

Students will experience multiple changes in different aspects of their lives; practically from learning to live with new and diverse people to budgeting and cooking; on an academic level students will become independent learners and must exercise a huge amount of self-discipline; on a personal level students will have to expand their networks and make new friends.

We recognise that you will want to support your child, friend or family member as they start at Warwick. Why not start with the informationLink opens in a new window from our Wellbeing Support Services? Here you can find out about the different services students have access to and discover answers to some frequently asked questions. Also, take a look at our Welcome FAQLink opens in a new window page for additional information.

Want to stay in touch? Find out how on our dedicated web pagesLink opens in a new window.

Advice for Parents and Families

What support is available on campus for students?

There is a wide range of support available to students and this page outlines the best place to seek help, depending on the problem.

Students quickly become acquainted with our community safety team, these are the team who patrol campus and are available around the clock, they are students first port of call out of hours. For those in accommodation we have our Residential Community TeamLink opens in a new window, they are here to help and support students in their transition from home to independence. They offer signposting to internal and external services, free events for residential students to attend and are available 24/7/365.

What Support can Parents and Supporters provide?

You have been their problem solvers and their fixers whilst they’ve been growing up, they now need to learn to do this for themselves. Students need to learn how to fail well as much as they need to learn to achieve, this helps them build the resilience they need to use their education to the maximum. Students are welcomed to Warwick as adults, and as such, we respect their right to privacy. Confidentiality belongs to them; we can’t share any of their information without their consent. As a University we recognise that sometimes it’s useful to share information, when students come to us for support, we encourage them to mobilise all their support networks. Where students struggle to do so, we ask them for permission to liaise on their behalf, students are often very willing to do that.

Best Tips:

Try to resist doing wake up calls – allow students to make mistakes and learn themselves

Try to resist calling their tutors – they are limited in what they can say to you.

What if I have serious concerns about my child's safety?

If you have serious concerns, you can contact our Wellbeing Support at 0044 (0) 24 7657 5570 or email who will usually try to make contact with your child, and ask your child to contact you. The onus will be on the student to contact parents, and staff will not generally get back in touch with parents directly. If it is an emergency, you can contact our Community Safety team on the 24-hour telephone line: 0044 (0)24 7652 2083.

It’s difficult not to worry, but the University has teams that are ready and able to respond, and we have a strategy focused on prevention as well as intervention. Well-trained staff spot signs early, wellbeing professionals are accessible without appointment on the same day.

Travelling to Warwick from far away?

Information on arriving to campus from long distances can be found here.