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Warwick Parents & Families


The adventure starts here...

We know it can be nerve-wracking watching your children grow up and go off to university. Whether they’re leaving home for the first time, or they’ve been here for a few years, you might have some questions about life at Warwick, and we hope these pages help to direct you.

Welcome event

Every year we host Parent and Family welcome events on main campus at induction times. If you missed this year's event, why not scroll through one of our PowerPoint presentations online to get a feel for things here?

Finding support

We encourage students to take full responsibility for themselves, to learn and develop and make the most of their time here, and we’ve created various methods of support. From accommodation to mental health and more, you can signpost them to our Student Support team when they need some extra help.

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Stay in touch

You're part of the Warwick community too! Via our website you can:

  • Stay connected to what’s happening on campus
  • Read the latest news and information
  • Find other ways you can get involved

And get involved

It's possible to make a donation to projects at Warwick including student support and active research like cancer research. If you’re a keen fundraiser, or could offer support to Warwick students in other ways, like mentoring or volunteering, we’d love to hear from you. Find out more.


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