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Warwick Enterprise, Innovation Group

At Warwick we believe that every student should get an opportunity to engage with innovation…

Increasing numbers of students and graduates are interested in an ‘entrepreneurial career’ - starting their own businesses or being self-employed. At Warwick we recognise the importance of supporting innovation and entrepreneurship; key components of the culture and values of our University.

The University offers support for student and graduate enterprise through Warwick Enterprise working in partnership with departments from across the University that deliver elements of enterprise education.

At Warwick Enterprise we can listen to your enterprise ideas in confidence, help develop an action plan and find you the help and support that you need. We also run activities and opportunities that help students to:

  • Participate in or lead the development of an enterprising idea - from conception to delivery.
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mind-set and build a portfolio of enterprise skills
  • Be part of a team that will harness and celebrate the skills and talents of its members
  • Access our regional entrepreneurial ecosystem and external partners

This academic year is an exciting one for Warwick Enterprise, with our new campus space – The Junction and a range of new initiatives for you to get involved in, such as Creative Futures.

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How to find us

We are located in the Junction located on Central Campus.

You can visit our website to learn more about us and our programme of activities and opportunities.