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Report and Support

Report and Support is the University of Warwick’s single online platform for reporting bullying and harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct and/or hate crime.

Our website allows you to disclose both anonymously and with details, to ensure that all students and staff can access support.

It doesn’t matter if the incident(s) took place on or off campus, or if the incident(s) happened in the past - our Student Liaison Officers are available to provide confidential support and outline the potential next steps.

No reports trigger a formal complaints procedure, and no further action will be taken without your consent.

If something makes you feel uncomfortable throughout your time at University, and you’re not quite sure where to access support - Report and Support is the best place to start

As well as being able to report an incident(s), there are also online support pages which outline relevant services both on and off campus.

Even if you don’t want to report something, or speak to a Student Liaison Officer, these pages hold some useful self-care resources and information links.

The Campaigns section on Report and Support is also a space for students, staff, sports clubs or societies to promote any related awareness raising, preventative or charity events that they have planned throughout the year.

If you’d like to promote something, just email us.

Immediate Danger?

On campus - Call Security: 024 7652 2222

Off Campus - Call Emergency Services: 999

Online Report:

Disclose online with your details

Disclose online anonymously

Online Support:

Links to specialist support services, on and off campus

An outline of the next steps available to you

Top tip

Whilst we hope that you have a wonderful time at Warwick, and don’t need to access Report and Support, we also acknowledge that incidents of this nature do take place and it’s important that you know where to turn for support.

If you open up your MyWarwick app, Report and Support will always be there on the Support at Warwick tile.