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There are 31 WASHPOINT launderettes, managed by WASHCO, located across Warwick University. Our aim is to make your laundry experience easy and hassle-free.

The launderettes have a combination of washing machines and dryers chosen because they deliver great results and are easy to use. They’ve all been installed with settings designed to maximise performance whilst minimising impact upon the environment. Within each launderette you’ll find posters designed to help you familiarise yourself with how the machines work.

Key things to remember are:

  • Don’t overload the machine. It will stop it washing or drying your clothes as effectively
  • Clean the lint filter before using the machine: if there is lots of lint the machine isn’t as energy efficient
  • Don’t mix colours and whites
  • Save energy by choosing the lowest temperature possible

Cashless payment is available in all locations – no pre-registration is required, you can just turn up and pay just like you would at your local shop.

To find out everything that you need to know visit our website.

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