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Warwick Presents


Warwick Presents is about life outside of the classroom, from the start of Welcome Week all the way through to the end of your degree. We present you with a huge variety of FREE events and activities to get involved in so why not come along and enjoy. Warwick Presents...cultural celebrations, screenings, games, sports, and opportunities to perform, create and connect. Make the most out of your time at Warwick, it's YOUR student experience.

Visit the Warwick Presents website for the full range of activities on offer.

Global Connections Community

The Global Connections programme of events is part of the wider, Warwick Presents programme to enhance your student experience.

Warwick is an international community where you can make friends and connect with people from all over the world. It’s easy to just stick to what you know and befriend people who are like you, but at Warwick we want to encourage you to enrich your experience by stepping beyond your cultural comfort zone, trying new things and getting to know people who are very different from you.

Our Global Connections programme of events aims to help you broaden your horizons through a range of informal social events, conversations and cultural celebrations which are open to all students at the University, whoever you are!

Keep in Touch

Our online Global Connections Community in MS Teams also makes it easy for you to connect with other students at the University, ask for and share recommendations, and keep up to date with what's on. Alternatively, sign up to our mailing list for a weekly round-up of activities on offer.

Two students smile at each other as one teaches the other calligraphy

Get in touch

Please visit our website to find out more about the events and opportunities that we provide.