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Personal Development

This page is a brief record to describe some of the responsibilities, courses attended and experiences over the period of my PhD.


Relevant responsibilities within the department or university


Relevant experience, for example organising conferences, reading groups, seminar series

Graduate School Training Courses

  • Postgraduate Symposium (30th May 2012)
  • CCP5 (2013) (still to be done..)
  • How to be an Effective researcher (RSSP)
  • Academic Writing Part 1 (RSSP)
  • Time Management (RSSP)
  • Demonstrating course led by Prof. Martin Wills
  • PhD Employer Networking (10th May 2012)

Language Centre Courses

  • One month beginners course in Swedish at Folkuniversitet, Lund, Sweden (18th June - 11th July 2012)


  • Demonstrating 3rd Year Physical Chemistry (2012)
  • Facilitator in the KICC University Bootcamp Programme (Finance workshop, 15th August 2012). This is a programme where we advise students with offers to University on how to best managing finance and other areas as they transition into independent living.


  • I hope to include a small archive or RSC Lecture videos which have been attended below. This will commence at the start of the 2013 academic year. Each presenter will be asked for consent before uploading. See Videos.

Useful Links

Graduate School Portal