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Polina Mesinioti

Current research

I am a doctoral researcher at the Centre for Applied Linguistics (CAL) at the University of Warwick. I am supervised and supported by Professor Jo Angouri and Dr Dimitrios Siassakos.

My PhD is part of a larger multidisciplinary project on teamwork in real-life obstetric emergencies (TREAT project, Professor Jo Angouri, Dr Dimitrios Siassakos, Professor Tim Draycott).

My PhD work pays special attention to the enactment of professional roles in the material space of the maternity room. I take an Interactional Sociolinguistics perspective and look at how the available multimodal resources are holistically exploited by team members and impact on effective teamwork and leadership.

Educational background

MA in Theoretical Linguistics (with Distinction), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Dissertation title: Investigation of the morphophonological characteristics of blends in Greek

My previous research sits at the interface of morphology and phonology. For my MA dissertation, I examined the morphophonological constraints governing blend formations in Greek, using Optimality Theory. I have been also involved in research projects on the following topics: morphosyntactic errors of students who study Greek as a second/ foreign language; morphophonological characteristics of Greek clippings; phonetic and phonological properties of Greek glides.

BA in Linguistics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Amongst the modules I successfully completed were: Phonetics and Phonology; Morphology and Lexicology; Sociolinguistics; Transformational Syntax; Semantics; Pragmatics; Balkan Languages; Psycholinguistics.


Oct 2016–Sep 2020

Collaborative PhD Studentship

Funding Body: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

University of Warwick


Mesinioti, P., Angouri, J., O’Brien, S., Bristowe, K., & Siassakos, D. (2020). ‘Get me the airway there’: Negotiating leadership in obstetric emergencies. Discourse & Communication, 14(2), 150–174. 

Selected conference presentations

Mesinioti, P., Angouri, J., Siassakos, D., O'Brien, S. & T. Draycott. Role embodiment in the obstetric theatre. Part of the panel: What's beyond language? Multimodal resources at work. Sociolinguistics Symposium 22, Auckland, New Zealand, 27-30 June 2018.

Mesinioti, P., Angouri, J., Siassakos, D., O'Brien, S. & T. Draycott. ‘Okay blood pressure now’: doing leadership and managing directives in obstetric emergencies. VALS-ASLA 2018: A Video Turn in Linguistics? Methodologie – Analisi – Applications, Basel, Switzerland, 6-8 June 2018.

Tzanakou, Ch., Angouri, J. & P. Mesinioti. Gender discourses and ideology in higher education-from institutional documents to the lived experience and back. SHRE (Society for Research in Higher Education) Conference, Newport, UK, 6-8 December 2017.

Mesinioti, P., Angouri, J., Siassakos, D. & T. Draycott. Doing teamwork in obstetric emergencies. iMean Conference 5, Bristol, UK, 6-8 April 2017.

Mesinioti, P. Morphophonological characteristics of blends in Greek. 37th Annual Meeting of the Department of Linguistics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece, 12-14 May 2016.