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Language, Translation and Migration Conference and Public Summit (LTM)

University of Warwick, 24-26th May 2018

PRESS RELEASE HERE: More than words: Migration, Identity, and Translation Network public summit calls for action to tackle the monolingual mindset and language exclusion

LTM panel

LTM Public Summit 2018, group photo

The modern world is interconnected, mobile, multilingual and diverse. Linguistic diversity however does not indicate linguistic equality. On the contrary, the linguistically diverse nature of contemporary societies has implications for social justice, with potentially differential access to resources and the public sphere. In this context the politics of language are a significant factor for the promotion of social cohesion. Research has repeatedly shown that linguistic and ethnic minorities are disadvantaged in interaction with institutions. This three-day conference brings together scholars and practitioners from different professional and disciplinary backgrounds to discuss the role of language as a key factor in globalized societies.

Conference Aims:

  • To investigate the diversity of language practices and their consequences in different social spaces, including (but not limited to) educational systems, professional environments, health, the law.
  • To address the complexity of migration discourses through the lens of language and linguistic interaction, with special attention to the role, presence and understanding of translation, self-translation and other multilingual practices.

The conference will be followed by a public summit focusing on the relationship between language, translation, social mobility and social cohesion.

We invite contributions which encourage interdisciplinary dialogue between scholars and practitioners in sociolinguistics and applied linguistics, translation studies, modern languages, sociology, health, legal studies and other areas in which language behaviour and language politics play a key role both as research objects and professional practices.

Conference Themes:

  • Mono- and multi-lingual models of the nation: contemporary and historical perspectives
  • Language, translation and the refugee agenda: approaches and models
  • Language and settlement: policies and practices
  • Language contact and language change
  • Hidden multilingualism
  • Language and social justice
  • Language diversity and the social role of translation and interpretation
  • Translation, migration and professional ethics
  • Linguistic and cultural barriers to social cohesion
  • Transcultural creative practices
  • Multilingual practices in the creative industries

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

  • Prof. Sandra Bermann, Princeton University
  • Prof. Hilary Footitt, University of Reading
  • Prof. Anne-Marie Fortier, Lancaster University
  • Prof. Adam Jaworski, The University of Hong Kong
  • Prof. Peter Patrick, University of Essex
  • Prof. Alison Phipps, University of Glasgow
Final deadline for registration:
16 May 2018 (CLOSED)




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On-campus accommodation is available for the LTM delegates. For details and the registration form please click here

Organising Committtee:

Jo Angouri, University of Warwick

Loredana Polezzi, University of Cardiff

Rita Wilson, Monash University


For further details:

LTM organising committee

LTM Organising Committee. Shown from left to right: Prof. Loredana Polezzi, Prof. Rita Wilson, Prof. Jo Angouri