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ePortfolio of Hannah Ayres


I am a PhD candidate in Sociology at Warwick. I previously obtained a BA (Hons) in History at the University of Winchester in 2016. I went on to further obtain a MA in History at the University of Winchester in 2017. During my MA I conducted research into how museums were portraying sixteenth and seventeenth century witchcraft in the UK, Europe and America.


Interests: Public history; community history; queer history; LGBTQ+ communities; memory studies; queer theory; visual sociology; gender and sexuality.

History permeates people's everyday lives in several ways. One of the most powerful is through public historical re/presentation in public-facing institutions such as museums. Museums, which are often publicly funded, have a large impact on what history gets remembered and internalised in the public consciousness.This research project aims to investigate queer historical re/presentation in museums in the UK. I also want to understand the ways in which queer individuals and communities create, react to and possibly internalise these re/presentations.

I use 'queer' as a term in my project in three ways:

  • As an umbrella term that can yield more productive conversations around inclusivity and exclusivity over the more traditional LGBTQ+ moniker.
  • As an indicator of that which opposes the norm.
  • As a verb to deconstruct 'logics and frameworks' and dismantle 'the dynamics of power and privilege' (Young, 2012:127).

My methodological approach aligns closely with queer and feminist methodologies. I am using what Halberstam terms a 'scavenger methodology', bringing methods together in an interdisciplinary manner. I aim to co-produce data with my participants and reject a 'god-like' researcher position. My methods involve a combination of discourse analysis, ethnography, field-notes, observation, semi-structured interviews, focus groups and a visual method called photovoice. Photovoice allows participants to communicate how they identify with objects, text, spaces etc. through the medium of photography.

My supervisors are Dr Cath Lambert and Dr Meleisa Ono-George.

Conference Papers


  • Cambridge Gender and Sexuality History Graduate Conference, 2019 (Cambridge, UK)
    • Paper title: Queering Public History: Identity and Community
  • Department of History Postgraduate Conference, 2019 (Warwick, UK)
    • Paper title: Queering Public History: Identity and Community



  • Sociology of Gender (first year Sociology module).
  • Guest Lecture at Coventry University - Module: Living on the Edge: The Geographies of Marginalisation
    • 8/11/19 - 11am-1pm - Title of lecture: 'I can see queerly now...': Time, Space and Re/presentation
  • Researching Society and Culture (first year Sociology module.


  • Teaching assistant on the module Queering Sociology. This module, convened by Dr Cath Lambert, looks at what 'queer' is and what it does as well as its benefits and limitations to sociological research.

Funding and Awards




  • Support for Trans & Gender-diverse Students and Learning in the Academic Context
    • This was a collaborative project between myself and Sam Parr (Campaign & Liberation Advisor from Warwick's Students' Union. This work was made possible by Prof. Gwen van der Velden's National Teaching Fellowship award funding and support. I also have Lisa Drummond, WIHEA Administrative lead, to thank for help in putting the resource together.

Blog Posts



  • Upcoming - Reading Images: Queer Re/presentation and Identity


  • Queer Selfhoods: Sodomy Trials and Gay Sub-Culture in Eighteenth-Century England


Hannah Ayres

Hannah dot Ayres at warwick dot ac dot uk