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ePortfolio of Hannah Ayres


I am a first year PhD student in Sociology at Warwick. I previously obtained a BA (Hons) in History at the University of Winchester in 2016. I went on to further obtain a MA in History at the University of Winchester in 2017. During my MA I conducted research into how museums were portraying sixteenth and seventeenth century witchcraft in the UK, Europe and America.


I am interested in public history; community history; LGBTQ+ communities; memory studies; queer theory; gender and sexuality.

This interest in public history led me to my current research topic. It is my view that if you cannot see yourself represented historically then you potentially lack the historical foregrounding that many people take for granted. History permeates people's everyday lives, often without them even knowing, so it is entirely possible that it is integral to the formation of self. Queer history is out there and becoming increasingly popularised and recognised, especially after the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in 2017. I am looking to work with museums that offer representations of queer history to explore how contemporary LGBTQ+ individuals and communities draw on the past in seeking to understand and narrate their identities. The focus will be on the role of public history institutions (such as museums) because I believe that these institutions have a key role in presenting historical knowledge to the public. My supervisors are Dr Cath Lambert and Dr Meleisa Ono-George.


In 2019, I was a teaching assistant on the module Queering Sociology. This module, convened by Dr Cath Lambert, looks at what 'queer' is and what it does as well as its benefits and limitations to sociological research.



Cambridge Gender and Sexuality History Graduate Conference, 2019 (Cambridge, UK)
Paper title: Queering Public History: Identity and Community


Hannah Ayres

Hannah dot Ayres at warwick dot ac dot uk