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  • Queer Pedagogy & Gender Diversity (Podcast & Slides) [2019]
    • This guidance was created as part of Dr Charikleia Tzanakou's case study for Plotina (Promoting gender balance and inclusion in research, innovation and training). The case study 'Developing a postgraduate level online module on gender and research' demonstrates how to develop material to train scientists to consider gender aspects in their research.
  • Ayres, H (2019) Support for Trans & Gender-diverse Students and Learning in the Academic Context. [Online] Available from:
    • This was a collaborative project and was supported by Sam Parr (Campaign & Liberation Advisor from Warwick's Students' Union). This work was also made possible by Prof. Gwen van der Velden's National Teaching Fellowship award funding and support. I had Lisa Drummond, WIHEA Administrative lead, to thank for help in putting the resource together.