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Trans-Inclusive Teaching & Learning

Two non-binary people in discussion

Develop more trans-inclusive teaching & learning practices with the support of your peers


This portal shares opportunities to develop pedagogical and pastoral practices which support trans and gender-diverse students.

Who are trans and gender-diverse people?

A trans person is someone whose gender identity is different to that which they were assigned at birth. Gender-diverse people include those who identify outside of the binary of male and female, and/or who do not conform to the gendered expectations placed on them.

Why do we need trans-inclusive pedagogy?

The cis-normative and binary nature of many pedagogical and pastoral practices can result in the exclusion of trans and gender-diverse students, and negatively impact their sense of belonging, attainment, continuation & completion, and academic progression.

Resources and Support

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Queer & Trans Pedagogies Learning Circle

The learning circle is open to all staff and students who have an interest in sharing and developing queer and trans pedagogies, and LGBTQUA+ inclusive teaching & learning practices.

Queering University project

The Queering University project supports staff and students at Warwick to develop, implement and sustain queer pedagogies and perspectives, and encourages teaching & learning and pastoral practices that are inclusive of trans and LGBTQUA+ students.

Trans-Inclusive Teaching Guidance

The trans-inclusive teaching guidance offers support understanding trans and gender-diverse student experiences, developing gender-diverse and trans-inclusive practice, and connecting with wider work on trans-inclusion at Warwick.