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Current projects

TheoryishLink opens in a new window

Theoryish draws from a wide range of disciplines to bring theory to you in the most relevant, interesting, and accessible way. This show aims to create an inclusive community of learning and will showcase a wide variety of theory that is out there, going beyond the expected canon of theorists. This show makes a concerted effort to provide listeners with theoretical tools to hopefully enrich their day-to-day lives no matter what space they occupy.

The main podcast hosts are Paola Medina-GonzalezLink opens in a new window and Hannah Ayres and they are often joined by guests who help bring theory to life!

Check out the latest episode below:

Previous projects

queer/disruptLink opens in a new window

This group focused on making queer knowledge, topics, and histories accessible for a general audience. Hannah co-created this group and was co-convenor from July 2019 to March 2022. In this time, the group put on eventsLink opens in a new window and put out blog posts and podcastsLink opens in a new window as well as other content. In 2022, the group put on a conference titled Mainstreaming Queerness: The New Queer VanguardLink opens in a new window.

Queering the QuarantineLink opens in a new window

The aim of this project was to construct a space for creative queer responses to the pandemic, and attempt to preserve these for future generations as the experiences of queer individuals and community are often still too hidden and forgotten. Submissions ran from October to December 2020. In creating “Queering the Quarantine” we hoped to capture the unique and differing responses of the queer community during this time of adversity, alongside sharing challenges specific to LGBTQIA+ people in lockdown. This collection will be captured digitally and placed in the Modern Records Centre to ensure that this collection stands the test of time. This work was done in collaboration with Slanguages and the Queer and Coloured project.