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Student Profiles & Testimonials | International Foundation Programme at Warwick University

Hear from former International Foundation Programme Students

Our students have shared some of their insights about their time on the Warwick IFP to help you as you decide if this is the course for you. Listen to their experiences and advice to find out how they found life on the programme.

Hear from Splendour

IFP Law, 2022-23

Hear from Daria

IFP Business Management, 2022-23

Hear from Safwan

IFP Computer Science, 2022-23

Hear from Tolu

IFP Law, 2022-23

Hear from Arthur

IFP Economics, 2022-23

Hear from Bolatito

IFP Business Management, 2022-23

Read testimonials from former International Foundation Programme Students

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Elsie - Life Sciences IFP (2021-2022)

Student in science lab wearing a lab coat

Choosing Warwick, and specifically the IFP (before enrolling into a Bachelor’s degree in a reputable university), is a fantastic decision - it facilitates a great understanding of the UK education systems world-class academic standards and global mindset/expectations. My advice for anyone thinking of studying at Warwick, particularly in the IFP, would be to embrace the diverse academic opportunities and extracurricular activities the university offers.

Read more about Elsie's experience on the Warwick IFP here.

Nathaniel, Ghana - Law IFP (2021-22)

IFP Student Profile, Nathaniel

I would definitely recommend the IFP to other people because it is nothing short of exciting and enjoyable, but also intellectually stimulating in the right way. The program provides you with the opportunity to fully grasp your course of interest before progressing to the undergraduate level.

Thanks to the Warwick IFP I have established long-lasting relationships with great students and exceptional teachers.

Masahiro, Japan - Business Management IFP (2019-20)

IFP Student Profile, Masahiro

Warwick IFP gave me countless possibilities and filled me with excitement, brightening my future expectations. The IFP has a very diverse community within a multinational environment. I met lifelong friends on the course!

The teachers in the faculty are amiable and kind, and they are always willing to help students at any time. They respect and acknowledge our thoughts and opinions, and they teach us how to navigate to the correct answers.

Anna, Russia - Business Management IFP (2021-22)

IFP Student Profile - Anna

The University of Warwick was my final choice due to many reasons: the convenience of the campus university, the vast majority of sports clubs and societies, Warwick being second after Oxford in Management and having a large number of international students (40% international students in 2021-2022 academic year).

I loved the idea of living on campus and being surrounded by motivated students, which would motivate me to study, ease communication and the process of making friends.

Alia, UAE - Economics IFP (2020-21)

IFP Student Profile - Alia

Applying to Warwick IFP was the best decision I made as it offered an excellent opportunity to further my learning in a new and challenging environment.

Creating a research question, researching the topic I chose, designing a template, then presenting my work for the Inquiry and Research based module was the highlight and most rewarding time of the year.

Kunpeng, China - Finance IFP (2019-20)

IFP Student Profile, Kunpeng

The main reason I chose the Warwick IFP is the reputation and the possibilities and flexibilities it provides. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the IFP, the teaching quality was excellent, the modules were well structured and the students on the IFP are generally diverse. I remember having regular personal tutor meetings which were really helpful as for most IFP students, doing the IFP is the first time they have come to the UK. The personal tutor meetings provided lots of guidance and support to many aspects of students’ lives.

Hongrui, China - Social Science IFP (2021-22)

IFP Student Profile - Hongrui

It is an amazing experience to be able to attend the IFP. What I have enjoyed the most is that every teacher not only fully respects and acknowledges my ideas and thoughts, but also gives me the firmest encouragement when I feel disappointed with my performance. This has greatly stimulated my enthusiasm in learning and gradually integrated me into the IFP family.

It has been exciting completing my IFP on the main University of Warwick campus and to be able to use some of the university's facilities while exploring the beautiful campus.

Eunbi, South Korea - Arts and Humanities IFP (2021-22)

IFP Student Profile - Eunbi

Warwick IFP is not just only for studying and progression to undergraduate, but also offers you various experiences in terms of career as well. I was a member of SSLC (Student-Staff Liaison Committee) to make development for both current and prospective students at IFP. It was an unforgettable memory for me to work with many other students across all courses. Thankfully, I was awarded an award for the outstanding contribution to SSLC.

No matter what course you would take, it will make you prepared for being a first-year student!

Gustavo, Mexico - Physics and Engineering IFP (2017-18)

IFP Student Profile - Gustavo

I was expecting normal classes like high school, what I’m used to. But here it’s very different; our classes are not so stressful, and teachers are more accessible than back home in Mexico.

Back there it’s a little bit more strict. For example if we’re solving a problem the teachers tell us what procedure to follow. Here teachers are wide open; they let us even try different methods.

Don’t just focus on study, but also networking, and don’t worry about not knowing the culture. Be wide open to learning as much as you can. Express yourself.