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Postgraduate (Masters) Portal

Finishing your studies

Do you hold a valid Warwick sponsored student visa? Has your course end date passed or will it pass shortly?

If you have attended all taught classes, sat all exams, and submitted all work for the year, this page will guide you through your next steps. This includes how to extend your visa should you need to.

Need more time to complete your studies?

If you have been granted a period of academic extension to complete your course, you may be wondering if you are still eligible to apply for a Graduate visa, or have questions about whether you can extend your current student visa.

    Click HERE to view a short presentation from the immigration service which explores your options in detail, helping you make the right decision for your circumstances.

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    Applying for a student visa extension

    When to extend your visa?

    If applying within the UK, you must ensure you have submitted a student visa extension application within 3 months of your current visa expiry date.

    If you are applying from outside of the UK, you must ensure you have submitted your student visa before your re-submission, or before you have sat your last resit.

    Further reading

    Read more about how to extend your visa so you can stay longer and continue your studies in the UK.

    Contact Us

    If you need more help and advice please contact the Immigration Services Team.

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    Additional Support

    You are encouraged to discuss your situation with your department to ensure you are familiar with all academic requirements during your course registration.