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Tier 4 visa refusal notification and new CAS request form

If you have received a Tier 4 visa refusal, please complete this form and upload your UKVI refusal notice.

If you have received a visa refusal linked to other visa categories, please complete our contact form providing your details.

Once you have submitted this form, your information will be passed to an International Student Adviser within 1 working day and your refusal will be reviewed within 2-3 working days. Please do not submit multiple forms for the same refusal to avoid unnecessary delay.

The International Student Adviser will then:
  • Contact you to offer you advice about how to make a successful Tier 4 visa application - please ensure you check your Junk or Spam folders.
  • The Immigration Service will then contact the relevant Admissions Department, requesting a new CAS number be created and e-mailed to you (if eligible and if there is sufficient time for you to make a new visa application).
Please be aware:

  • We appreciate that this is urgent so an adviser will be in touch as soon as possible.
  • The latest start date of your course, and your decision as to which type of service you will choose for your next visa application (standard or priority). will determine whether a new CAS can be created to enable you to re-apply.
  • If you will be unable to secure a new visa, arrive in the UK and attend an in-person 'right to study' event by the latest start date stated in your CAS, you will need to consider other options, for example, requesting a deferral of your course, or, a change of start date (for research courses).




We require further information and supporting documents in order to advise you further.

Please upload a clear scan or photo of your full refusal notice and complete the sections below.
Attach file
No files are currently attached.
Please select the relevant reason for your visa refusal from the drop down list and provide further details in the box below.

If the refusal was for financial reasons, please include the amount of money you were required to show and how you have calculated this amount.

If you have decided to defer or have declined your offer, and therefore no longer require a CAS, please select: I do not require a new CAS

If your refusal was not refused due to finances, please select: My visa was not refused on finances

If your refusal was due to finances and you have requested a new CAS, please ensure you check your new financial documents against the checklist below and indicate that you have done so.

Please note:

- You will not receive a new CAS if you do not complete this section.

- We do not have capacity to check your bank statements.

If you believe your visa was refused incorrectly, you may be in a position to request an Administrative Review.

Please click on the link below for more details:

If after reading the guidance in the link above, you feel you are in a position to pursue an Administrative Review, please indicate below – our advisers will advise you specifically if you express an interest for this.

We may need to contact the Home Office with regards to your application.

To do this we require your consent.

If you do not provide consent for the immigration service to contact the Home Office we may be unable to assist with your query and this may result in a delay in advising you on your visa refusal or assigning a new CAS.
* indicates a required field

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