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Permission to Enrol

Students who require immigration permission to study in the UK must provide evidence that they hold an appropriate visa/ leave in order to be permitted to enrol.

This applies to both those enrolling on a new course of study at Warwick and continuing students (if you are required to obtain a new visa part way through your studies.

Students who will start their course in the Autumn 2021 (academic year 21/22)

If you have received your visa:
If you have already received your Student visa, you will be asked to upload a copy of your passport and Student visa when you complete Course Registration, which is part of Enrolment.
If you have a non-student visa, please read the information on our Right to Study page to see if your visa permits study. If you are unsure, contact us using the 'Connect with us' link at the bottom of this page.
If you have not received your visa:
The UKVI has extended its coronavirus concession policy so that students are permitted to start their course remotely from outside of the UK before receiving their Student visa and before they travel to the UK.
The University has also relaxed its physical arrival deadline policy so that many students will have the option to arrive in the UK on or before 8 November 2021 or 10 January 2022 (it depends on the course and you still need to complete course registration when you are invited to do so - please refer to the central Arrivals webpage for further information).
If you have been invited to enrol, but you haven't received your visa (and won't receive it by your course start date), you may choose 'starting remotely overseas but not yet received visa' as your visa type.
If you intend to start your course remotely:
You will receive reminders from Student Immigration to update your intended arrival date. This is because the UKVI has made it a visa sponsor's duty to setup appropriate engagement monitoring points and this depends on whether you are overseas or in the UK. Therefore, we need to keep a record of your physical arrival date to the UK if you applied for a Student visa from outside of the UK.
If you hold an EEA/EUSS Family permit visa or a Standard Visitor visa (including if you are applying for it on arrival), we will also need to collect your arrival date to meet the UKVI requirements.

If you are currently in the UK and are waiting for your visa application to be approved

As long as you have made your visa application in the UK, you can enrol by selecting this visa type:

  • Applied for a visa in the UK but not yet received BRP card

The course registration system provides clear instructions as to what information you need to provide. You will also need to upload:

  • A copy of your passport personal data page
  • A copy of your current visa (if you have one)
  • A UKVI document which confirms your 'date of visa application', for example, a UKVI Document Checklist (.pdf) which shows your online visa application date (or equivalent), or, a UKVI Certificate of Application if you applied for EU Settlement Scheme
  • A UKVCAS appointment booking confirmation (if you have one)

We will then assess the evidence provided and confirm by email whether you are permitted to start studying.

Have more questions about how to enrol at the University of Warwick?

Please refer to our website on how to select visa type and what evidence to upload when you complete Course Registration, which is part of enrolment.

Please also refer to the following website:

Visa related enrolment questions can be found here.

Information regarding ACL BRP card collection can be found here.