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Permission to Enrol


Section 1: Purpose and Contents of this page:

This page has been created to give guidance for permission to enrol on a course

Please ensure you have carefully read the guidance provided for your situation BEFORE you contact Student Immigration.

Section 2: What is Enrolment and who needs to do it?

You can find more information about what is enrolment on the Student Administrative ServicesLink opens in a new window website. All students need to complete enrolment before starting their course.

Students are usually invited to enrol up to 6 weeks before their course start date or a few weeks before their resumption date.

Students who are not UK or Irish national must also provide evidence that they hold an appropriate visa/ leave in order to be permitted to enrol.

This applies to both those enrolling on a new course of study at Warwick and continuing students (if you are required to obtain a new visa part way through your studies or if you are resuming studies after a break in studies such as temporary withdrawal).

Section 3: How to select visa type and what evidence to upload during online course registration

Please refer to our website on how to select visa type and what evidence to uploadLink opens in a new window when you complete Course Registration.

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