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Glossary of terms

    Please find below a list of terms relating to your degree and transcripts that we may have used in your offer and a description of what we mean by them:



    If you cannot, or would prefer not to, supply originals of your supporting documentation you may obtain copies and have these attested. The attestation must be undertaken by the awarding institution or by a legal representative (e.g., a public notary, solicitor or lawyer) or a member of staff employed by the British Council. The individual attesting your copy document must state that they have seen the original from which the copy was obtained and must confirm that the copy is identical to the original. Attested documents must be stamped by the awarding institution, the legal representative, or the British Council in order for them to be accepted. If documents are in a language other than English, we must see a translated copy as well. The translation must have been undertaken by an official translator and must be signed and stamped confirming this. If you are based in the UK, the Post Office offer this service for a small fee.


    Original degree certificates must have been issued by your university. If these are in a language other than English we will ask to see a translated copy. This must be translated by an official translator. Certificates should contain your qualification title, your final grade or level and the date of award.


    UK degrees are awarded with a particular classification. These classifications are often mentioned in our offers as the University requires successful candidates to obtain a level equivalent to a given classification in order to be qualified to enrol. Classifications includes First Class, Upper Second Class (2:1), and Lower Second Class (2:2).

    If you are studying for an overseas qualification we will determine the appropriate equivalency to the UK system and we will quote this in your offer if we know it at that time. If not then we will state, for example, that you should achieve the equivalent of an upper second class UK degree.


    We need to know that you have both completed a previous degree and that this degree has been awarded. Proof of completion usually comes from your transcript and degree certificate.


    When we ask for originals of documents this means we need to see the actual document that was provided to you by your university, the awarding body, or (in the case of references) by your referee. Copies of these documents (either photocopies or scanned copies) would not be acceptable unless offically attested.


    We need to know that you are not currently studying for any other qualification before you enrol at the University of Warwick. If you would not have completed any current qualification prior to enrolling with us then you must arrange to suspend your studies with your current institution. We will require proof of suspension to be supplied to us.


    If we ask to see your original transcripts these should be the final transcripts issued by your institution which show your final overall mark and which confirm that your degree has been awarded. If these are in a language other than English we will ask to see a translated copy (which must have been translated by an official translator).


    If the original documents you are supplying are in a language other than English we will ask to see a translated copy. This must have been translated by an official translator or translation company and must be supplied along with the original document. The translated document must be signed and stamped and include the full contact details of the person who has carried out the translation.

















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