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International Business and Finance | Short course at the Summer School at Warwick University

International Business and Finance

The world’s economy is becoming increasingly global and individuals who understand the international context of business and finance are in demand.

This course will explore some of the key issues and themes from both a business and finance perspective, including how multinational corporations leverage financial markets when seeking to exploit international business opportunities, the management challenges presented, and the relevance of these to financial and capital markets.

Students will gain an understanding of the international business environment and its competitive and investment climate.

Using frameworks and methodologies, students will also investigate the interaction between firm strategies, economic policies and the changing international environment.

The course is also designed to give you knowledge and understanding of international business and finance activities of any organisation. You will explore various aspects of international business and come face to face with the latest debates and discoveries in the subject. A wide range of topics such as financial derivatives, supply chains and corporate governance will be discussed, as will be the challenges and strategies related to managing across cultures and countries.

Key Information

Level: Introductory to intermediate
Teaching: 60 hours
Expected independent study: 90 hours
Optional assessment: Dependent on course

Typical credit: 3-4 credits (US) 7.5 ECTS points (EU) - please check with your home institution

This course can also be combined with our Exploring British Culture week - find out more.

Topics for Week 1

  • Banking

  • Money markets

  • Bond markets

  • Securitisation; credit rating

  • Equity (stock) markets

  • Derivatives I: futures and options

  • Derivatives II: credit derivatives

  • Financial regulation (time allowing)

Topics for Week 2

  • Globalization: What is it and what are its drivers
  • Principles of International Trade
  • The International Economic Environment
  • Multinational Corporations: internal organization and strategies
  • Market Structure and Firms’ Strategies
  • Foreign Domestic investment

Topics for Week 3

  • Business Strategy - Use of Game Theory
  • International Competition and Cooperation
  • Economic and Political Country Risks
  • Risk of Expropriation

Please note changes to the syllabus and teaching team may be made over the coming months before exact set of topics are finalised.