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Litter picks

As part of the Hedgehog Friendly Campus initiative we are taking part in the Big Hog Friendly Litter Pick Challenge, which runs from 19th September to 30th November 2022. The University that collects the most litter between the specified dates will win a hedgehog house and food for the campus. It would be great to win but it’s definitely more about getting involved and playing our part in reducing litter and making spaces safer for wildlife.

We are running a number litter pick on campus for both staff and students. The sessions will last for about an hour but if you need to leave early you can do. Bags, gloves and pickers will all be provided.

Please sign up below if you are interested in helping out! You will be contacted with meeting details nearer the time.

Why litter-pick?

  1. Clean the environment
  2. Help protect wildlife
  3. Create a safe environment for wildlife and for people
  4. Be part of the community and meet likeminded people
  5. Get some physical exercise and enjoy the fresh air
  6. Inspire others to make a difference

This form is currently closed and will reopen when the next litterpick is announced. Thank you for your time.