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What does Sustainability mean to you?

Would you like to feature in our next Sustainability video?

This last year has been a difficult and challenging one. It’s had a transformative effect on all our lives, reshaping how we live, work, socialise and travel to name just some of the impacts. As we look forward to a time when we might come together again in person, on campus, it’s worth reflecting on how differently we’re living day to day in this changed world and what this means for environmental sustainability.

We would like to know your thoughts on Sustainability and what this word currently means to you. You can get involved by submitting a video and saying a quick few words, by holding up a sign with a one-worded answer or even submit a few creative photographs to showcase your feelings around sustainability at home, or on campus.

Send in your recordings

It's easy to send in your recordings:

  1. Upload your video(s) to Files at Warwick
  2. Send them with a short description to us at

We will be in touch to confirm that we've received your video/photos. We will then edit them and showcase the video at the beginning of Green Week.

Connect with us

You can make videos and take photographs on your phone, or you can record meetings on Teams. You can also record a screen through PowerPoint (start a blank presentation, go to Insert, and choose Screen Recording)

We are looking for videos/photos of the following:

  • All things sustainable/environmentally friendly
  • You may have committed to a sustainable change at home - why not tell us about this change?
  • Your daily walk from home or on campus (if local)
  • New (meat free) recipe ideas
  • You and/or your family holding up signs with words on what 'Sustainability' means to you

Whether or not you show your face is entirely up to you – it’s simply all about sharing our commitment to sustainability, celebrating any improved changes and sharing ideas with others on how we all can get involved.

Tips for making your video

We’re not looking for cinematic masterpieces – in fact, this series is embracing the “homemade” feel and candid nature that your unique story can provide. However, there are a few small things you can do when filming which will go a long way.

  • Film with as much natural light as you can
  • Film somewhere with little background noise if you’re talking
  • Shoot landscape (holding your phone sideways)

Get permission

Make sure you've checked with everyone involved that they are happy to be recorded. We would also enjoy meeting your families on-screen, but remember that the videos could be shared with anyone. Please only record or photograph other people (including your colleagues) if:

  • They know that they may feature in a video on insite and e-newsletters
  • It is their genuine free choice to take part
  • And they know that they can change their mind

If someone does change their mind about being featured, please let us know as soon as possible.