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Embraced by people and communities

Embraced by people and communities

The journey to a sustainable future will be all about change. Every step of the way, people and communities will be faced with different choices and new challenges. We know that innovation and technology will play a big part but we need people to embrace these changes if we’re going to succeed.

At Warwick, our work in behavioural science and environmental humanities seeks to understand what it will take for people across society to make their way to a sustainable future.

We work with the UK government and policymakers to use the power of ‘nudge’ techniques to encourage positive behaviour change and we aim to empower citizens and communities with insight, skills and tools that can help them embrace new ways of living.

Behavioural Science tackling energy consumption through WBS nudgeathon

Made famous by the Government’s Behavioural Insights Team – popularly known as the Nudge Unit – nudges, based on theories from behavioural science, have been used to solve a range of issues from persuading more people to pay their taxes on time to helping households have their lofts insulated.

Members of the Behavioural Science Group in WBS introduced Nudgeathons with the objective of devising implementable solutions to major behavioural policy problems- in this example, how to reduce energy consumption in halls of residences on the University campus.

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Green Week

Communities across Coventry and Warwickshire joined forces to make the fourth annual Green Week a launch-pad for sustainability.

The week-long annual event originated from talks between the University of Warwick, Coventry City Council and Coventry University, and has since encompassed Warwick District Council and Action 21.

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Strategy for an active community

It’s our goal to get everyone in our University community to be more active, every day in whatever way works for them. In doing so, we can help our communities to proactively make healthier life choices which, we hope, in turn will improve the wellbeing of our campus community.

It’s our hope that, by supporting and encouraging participation and improving our campus infrastructure to support active travel, it becomes easier for our campus community to choose more sustainable methods of travel, helping us to reduce pollution.

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Persuading people to buy sustainable goods

Making people feel guilty to persuade them to buy green doesn't work well.

Research, conducted by Warwick Business School, finds using 'pride' is the best way to sell sustainable goods.

The study found making people feel good about their past achievements helps persuade them to buy sustainably.

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Bike air pollution device wins sustainability competition

A scheme to fit bikes with a device to clean polluted air as people pedal around cities won the annual WBS For the Future Prize.

Six undergraduates beat off 106 other groups after students were asked to develop an innovative proposal to solve humanity’s grandest challenges by addressing a combination of at least three connected of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

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Green Champions

Our network of Green Champions help make our University environment and community a greener, healthier, happier place to live, work and study.

There are currently nearly 600 students and more than 200 staff in our Green Champions network.

With their help we raise awareness across the University community and identify opportunities for further improvement.

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Green Hub

The Students’ Union at Warwick is committed to continually improving our impact on the environment.

Our Green Hub empowers our students to lead sustainability action within the University through a range of initiatives and societies.

It’s a place for our students to get involved in green activities to gather, talk, exchange ideas and have a good time whilst supporting sustainability.

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Food Waste Week

As a nation we waste more food than we think. Did you know that we can help protect our planet by saving food?

We have partnered with The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) charity and Love Food Hate Waste to take action against food wastage.

Our first #FoodWasteActionWeek Challenge took place on Monday 1 March - Sunday 7 March.

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RAWKUS: preventing waste

At the end of each summer term, we welcome our local community volunteers onto campus to help the RAWKUS Project.

The team collect food surplus and other items which are no longer needed from campus accommodation.

This year, the challenges of Covid-19 meant we had to adapt our usual approach to ensure surplus items did not go to waste.

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