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Green Champions

Green Champions

Our network of Green Champions work together to make the University environment and community a greener, healthier and happier place to live, work and study.

Student Green Champions

We have nearly 600 students in the Green Champion network who work together to do the right thing for our environment and encourage others to do the same.

As well as getting to meet lots of likeminded people, the network provides an opportunity for our students to boost their CV whilst learning about sustainability, which is becoming increasingly important for more and more businesses.

Staff Green Champions

We currently have more than 200 Staff Green Champions representing over 40 departments covering academic, professional and technical areas.

Warwick Green Action

A number of our Green Champions are supporting the work of the Environmental Sustainability Team by initiating activities in their own areas through use of the Warwick Green Action project. This project is designed to empower individuals and teams to make positive environmental changes through the provision of a guidance document with ideas for action.

Teams are provided with support on various actions from biodiversity to energy, and from communication to procurement. Teams don’t necessarily cover a whole department or building, but cover the area they feel they are able to influence with the time and resources they have available.

Some of the actions undertaken include:

  • Adding sustainability to agendas at team meetings
  • Reviewing energy consumption data and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Having and updating a team noticeboard
  • Holding an event as part of Green Week
  • Not providing disposable cups at meetings