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Transport and Future Mobility

Transport and Future Mobility

The University of Warwick set out, in its Excellence with Purpose strategy, a vision to be one of the world's exceptional universities, helping to transform our region, country and world for the collective good.

This involves transforming the learning, living and working experience of our students, staff and visitors whilst looking beyond our physical boundaries to ensure engagement with our local communities and connectivity to support our region’s growth.

Our masterplan is a core enabler of our strategy, focused on forming a vibrant learning, working, and living community. It will shape a distinctive campus experience designed to create a ‘cosmopolitan in the countryside’ feel, transforming regional transport connectivity to campus, creating an accessible, inclusive, and people-focused environment and helping us to establish a SMART carbon neutral campus.

The vision for Transport and Future Mobility is one of the University’s 6 core masterplan aims. By working together inclusively and collaboratively everyone will ensure the University makes great strides in improving mobility and connectivity in and around campus, based on the following themes.

  • reduce single occupancy vehicle trips to and from campus,
  • maintain accessibility through and around campus for all users especially sustainable modes,
  • support more efficient and comfortable movement on campus with improved wayfinding,
  • engage and incentivise behavioural change to support mobility transformation,
  • offer choice and variety to all users in order to replace dependency on the private car,
  • support the development of innovative and integrated future mobility solutions,
  • develop sustainable transport to enhance the environmental sustainability of the campus.

Our Transport and Mobility strategy focuses on providing a wide range of effective travel and active mobility solutions to enable choice and enhance wellbeing by progressively promoting active travel to, from and within campus.

As a global research institution, we’re also focused on developing our knowledge in this space so that we can create a mobility structure for the University that helps drive positive modal shift and improve people’s perception towards the transport experience at the University of Warwick.

Alongside this, the University is keen to create “nudge” behaviour in a smart and sophisticated fashion so that people reflect and contemplate their mode of travel and actively try to become more sustainable and environmentally responsible. This behavioural analysis is key to better understanding what the users want and expect as well as how we can continually develop the services we provide to benefit them.

We want to serve our community and do what is best for them from a mobility perspective and continually investing in making the campus a more active setting will always be our drive and ambition.