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Green Hub


Our green hub empowers our students to take action against climate change

Our Green Hub empowers our students to lead sustainability action within the University through a range of initiatives and societies.

Warwick Students' Union

Our Students’ Union is committed to continually improving our impact on the environment.

We aim to do this by reviewing our environmental policy annually to ensure it is relevant, by integrating best practice in our activities and trying to include environmental consideration in our day-to-day business decisions. We monitor our performance on waste production and energy usage with the aim of reducing both where it is possible, and we look at ways to reduce any associated negative impacts from our activities.

Our students have sustainability at the forefront of their everyday activities. They run a great range of campaigns, societies and events all with sustainability at the heart:


  • Swap Shop events allow staff and students to exchange their unwanted clothes for new items. The events highlight the importance of reusing unwanted but usable items and the benefits of ethical shopping.
  • RAWKUS are a group formed of volunteers who are working with the Student Union, Warwick Accommodation, Warwick Estates and Warwick Volunteers to tackle these issues and reduce waste on campus. At the end of each term, RAWKUS volunteers combine to remove the leftover food that is still in date and edible as well as unwanted goods from Halls of Residence. The food and goods collected are then distributed to local charities in Coventry and Leamington, including food banks.
  • The Wasteless directory is a quick reference guide to our resources for reducing waste, from food waste to textiles.

Sustainability Societies

Here is a selection of some of our student-led societies:

  • Climate Reality Warwick - a group of climate activists supporting local action to combat the climate crisis so we can make the transition to a clean energy economy and protect the welfare of the planet and its citizens. We aim to create an eco-friendly campus and raise awareness on sustainability issues through conferences, campaigns, projects and manifestations. We campaign to ensure a change in policy, leading the challenge against establishment rules when it comes to the environmental crisis.
  • Warwick International Development Society - the intersectional study of policies and projects used to develop the environment, societies, and governments around the globe. This includes areas such as food and water security, human rights and refugee crises, healthcare and education, economics, business and innovation, technology and engineering, as well as law and politics.
  • Warwick GSD - the Global Sustainable Development society aims to bring students from the GSD department together and to promote the creation of a community interested in sustainable develop across the university. Non-GSD students welcome!
  • Enactus Warwick - We are a leading society on campus for social impact through our high quality projects and experience. Dedicated to nurturing the entrepreneurial skillsof university students in a way that is both effective in developing their future careers and meaningful to the community, we aim to develop projects that enable progress through entrepreneurial action.

News and Events

A great range of events take place throughout the year including Green Week and Swap Shops.

The student newspaper, The Boar, now has a new Climate section and Globus is a student-run magazine dedicated to sustainability.


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