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Practical engagement skills

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In this section

What are practical engagement skills?

Resources to help you get started

You might also be interested in the Digital skills for engagement area, which focusses on resources to support your online/ digital engagement activities.

What are practical skills for engagement?

In this section we've pulled together resources to help you deliver the type of engagement that works best for you and your audience. We've focussed here on skills that are helpful for face to face activity - although many might also be helpful to you if you're planning to engage audiences online. Please be aware you need to be logged in to the Warwick website in order to access them.


Please be aware you'll need to be logged in to the Warwick website in order to access these resources.

Zines for Engagement 

Hana Ayoob

Find out what a zine is, make a simple zine yourself and discover ideas for using zines and zine-making in your Engagement activities.

Creating accessible activities 

Dr Sarah Bearchell

How can you design high quality events and interactive activities that work for everyone? Sarah talks through how you can use the five senses to help you think through activities that work for people with additional needs - but also help enhance your activity for anyone's enjoyment.

Creating research animations 

The Engagement Associates

Animation is a fantastic medium for conveying information and sharing stories about research - the only limit is your imagination. This guide takes you through the key steps common to most animation productions when working with creative professionals.

Podcasting for engagement

Anna Ploszajski

Understand how to produce your own podcast to inspire, entertain and disseminate your work at the University of Warwick. By the end you’ll have all the skills, tools and information you need to get started… and keep going!

Available as a written guide and in audio.

Storytelling for research 

Duncan Yellowlees

How can Storytelling make people care about your research? What tips, tricks and techniques for powerful storytelling can you apply to your engagement practice - no matter what type of interaction you're planning.

Presenting data 

Duncan Yellowlees

Power Point presentations are a useful tool for communicating complicated ideas to your audiences. But how do you avoid overwhelming your audience and the dreaded "death by Power Point" - Duncan has the answers!

Elevator pitches  

Create an elevator pitch about your work to help develop your ability to portray your offer (your skills, services or experience) in a convincing and succinct manner. A good pitch should be around 20-30 seconds which tells your audience exactly what they need to know to see if they want to take it further.