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Meet our Fellows

Infographic showing that WIE has 154 fellows from all departments of the university and shows the structural breakdown of the fellows (12 regional fellows; 80 fellows; 46 honorary fellows; 16 senior fellows).

Regional Fellows

Our Regional Fellows have been selected from across Coventry and Warwickshire to help us build and strengthen links into the region. We will also benefit from the expertise and knowledge they will feed into the Institute.

Honorary Fellows

Our Honorary Fellows help us build long-term strategic relationships across the University. The positions aren't time limited and we really look forward to building on these partnerships. You can't apply to be an honorary fellow.

Senior Fellows

Our Senior Fellows utilise their expertise and experience in Public Engagement in service of WIE by chairing Learning Circles, acting in an advisory capacity to the WIE Team, being mentors to other fellows and generally supporting the work of the Institute.


Our Fellows are key to driving the work of the Institute forward over their respective two year terms. Applications are opened yearly to apply to be a fellow.

Alumni Fellows

Our Alumni Fellows are either Fellows who have come to the end of their tenure or those who have flown the nest and gone on to continue their Public and Community Engagement work in other institutions.

Programme Fellows

Our Programme Fellows join us from the Liberal Arts MASc in Community, Engagement, and Belonging. They are appointed as fellows for the two-years.

Fellows from WIE's foundation to now

When we launched the Institute, we originally set out to find 30 Foundation Fellows. We were overjoyed to surpass this due to the number and calibre of the applications we received and therefore appointed almost 100 of the applicants. In 2022 the family grew bigger as we welcomed a further 50 fellows and again in 2023 with a further 23 fellows.

What do Fellows do?

Fellows are asked to support the institute in a number of ways. We recognise people are busy at different times of year and everyone brings different skills, so we have a range of different opportunities available. We normally suggest Fellows contribute to three activities from the following list each year - with the caveat that we understand some of these are more time consuming (e.g. being a Learning Circle chair may be your only commitment), and some people may only work part time so may be able to volunteer for only one or two opportunities.

Benefits of Fellowship

  • Academic colleagues are able to use Fellowship as evidence of their Impact/ Outreach/ Engagement work as part of their promotions application. (Visit the WIE Skills FestivalLink opens in a new window for more information on this)
  • Excellent addition to your CV for student applicants
  • The chance to contribute strategically to Warwick’s vision for Engagement
  • A great networking opportunity to meet colleagues from around the university from a variety of backgrounds

Becoming a Fellow

Our call for new Fellows opens in term 1, aiming to appoint in March. Normally WIE Fellows are appointed for a period of two years, however we're aware most Student Fellows won't be able to serve the full two years and welcome them to join us for whatever is left of their time at Warwick, up to two years.