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Research Grant Support

Research Grant Support

Get help developing your engagement plans and writing them into your application.

Meet with us

If you're early in the planning process and want to talk through your public engagement plans or get advice on what programmes the Institute already runs that you could mention/ take part in then email and we'll arrange a time to catch up.

Peer Review

Our Funding and Grant Support Learning Circle is a group of Fellows with experience in writing and reviewing grants featuring Public Engagement with the research. They are able to review sections of your bid that relate to your engagement plans and provide advice on how to shape applications accordingly. Ideally they need to see your draft application 3-4 weeks before the deadline to be able to provide meaningful input. Please send your draft application to if you would like to be connected with this group.

Online Resources

Our skills festival is home to resources and guides that can help you in your engagement planning and delivery, including guides on:

WIE Mentoring Programme

WIE offers a mentoring programme where you can be partnered with an experienced colleague with expertise in engagement work. This is a long term relationship where you and your mentor would agree goals to work towards for your development. The full information about the scheme is available here. You can indicate as part of the application process if you would particularly value support in certain areas, including grant writing and bid development, and we'll match you with someone with the relevant expertise. This option would be most appropriate for a long term personal development plan, rather than if you're looking for advice/ support on immediate upcoming deadlines.

Projects we've supported so far

Faculty of Arts

  • British Academy Mid Career Fellowship Application, value of £109,528 – Elena Giusti - Dept of Classics and Ancient History (successful)

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine

  • Application to MIBTP Short-term Career Development Fellowship "Integrating Public Engagement into Research-focused Roles: New Rapid Diagnostics for Snake Bites" for a value of £20,000 - Alexander Baker - Dept of Chemistry (successful)

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • British Academy Mid Career Fellowship Application - Christopher Moran - Department of Politics and International Studies
  • The British Academy / Wolfson Fellowships Application, Education Without Cure: The Role of Philosophy in Developing Youth Mental Health Literacy, Emma Williams - Education Studies

Cross Faculty

  • Application to Office for Veteran Affairs entitled "Veterans of Afghanistan: A Legacy of Unheard Experiences" for a value of £299,762 - Stephanie Panichelli-Batalla – School of Cross Faculty Studies (not successful)